12 Month Old Baby Development and Milestones

By Samrat Saxena|7 - 8 mins read| April 01, 2024

The 12-month-old baby of yours is learning and growing every day. They are more and more inquisitive, active, and vocal. They are also growing into new skills and capabilities, which will enable them to understand the environment and talk to you. In this article, we will discuss some of the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development that is expected of a one-year-old baby. We will also include some guidance and suggestions to help you stimulate your baby’s development and have fun together.

Here are some of the growth and developmental milestones your 12-month-old may reach:

12 Month Old Baby Physical Development Milestones

The physical development of your child is rapidly developing. They are getting more and more mobile and cooperative. They are also developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Walking Independently

They stride with confidence and conquer this important step. They can walk independently with your assistance, either by holding your hands or using a walker. Besides, they can also investigate their environment and reach the intended destination.

You can train your baby to walk by holding them under their arms and slowly lifting them up and down. You can also applaud them and clap at them when they come.

Running Adventures

A few of them may also start to take their first wobbly walks, grinning at the novelty of walking. You can help them run by either holding hands or using a walker. Another thing they may do is try to run away or chase you or a toy.

The best way to improve your baby’s running skills is by giving them a safe and large area where they can practice. You can also play a game of catch or tag with them and see whether they will follow you.

Climbing stairs with help

With the help, the children climb stairs more easily, demonstrating their progress in motor development. You can help them up or down the stairs by holding their hand or the railing. They can also attempt to climb up or down the stairs.

Encourage your baby’s climbing abilities by providing them with a secure and supervised space to practice in. It is also possible to use a baby gate to block the stairs if you are not there.

12 Month Old Baby Social and Emotional Development Milestones

The social and emotional development of your baby is in progress too. They are becoming more expressive and engaging. They, therefore, have a developing understanding of themselves and others. 

Play with and alongside others

Social play develops, which involves them having fun and sharing toys with other children. They can also play alongside other children and see what they are doing. They can also mimic their gestures, sounds, or behaviors. In addition, they can share or exchange toys with other children, demonstrating sympathy and teamwork.

Organizing play dates with other children of the same age can help you improve your baby’s social interaction and playtime. In the same manner, you can give them some toys and objects that they can also share and play with.

Temper tantrums might appear

Frustration and strong emotions can lead to outbursts, demanding patience and respect from caregivers. They can express their discontent by crying, shouting, kicking, or throwing something. Moreover, they may also resist you when you try to give them help or guidance when they want to do something on their own. This is the normal part of their emotional development, as they are learning how to deal with their feelings and how to communicate their needs.

Babies can be managed in handling temper tantrums by keeping calm and composed. You can also recognize their emotions and give them comfort and encouragement. Another option is to divert their attention to something else or remove them from the situation.

Attachment and affection

They express strong attachment to familiar people, seeking cuddles and affection. They can express their affection by hugging, kissing, or smiling at you. They can also come to you for solace and safety when they are frightened, tired, or hurt. They may also experience anxiety and separation when you give them to someone else.

Help your baby’s emotional development and bonding by cradling, kissing, and smiling. You can also console them when they are in pain and commend them when they are happy. In addition, you can help them deal with separation anxiety by giving them some preparation before you leave and when you return. You can also hand them over to a person who is familiar with them as an attachment item.

12 Month Old Baby Cognitive Development Milestones

Your child’s cognitive development is also improving. They are becoming more conscious and curious. Additionally, they are nurturing their memory and problem-solving abilities. 

Understanding simple phrases

They grasp simple sentences and orders; they perform two-step commands more often. They can do as you tell them to when you give them simple and clear orders, like “come here” or “get the toy.” They might do it by moving their heads up and down.

You can help your baby comprehend words and gestures by using a clear and consistent tone. Moreover, you can also use positive reinforcement if they follow your commands. You can also enjoy other kinds of games, such as Simon Says, Red Light, and Green Light.

Exploring new things

They are inquisitive, and it pushes them to discover unknown things and situations, which is how they learn by experimenting. They can explore new things by touching, tasting, shaking, or banging them. They can also do new stuff by themselves, such as opening a door or turning a knob.

You can develop your baby’s curiosity and learning by giving them lots of objects and situations that are safe, colorful, and attractive. Alternatively, you can demonstrate to them how to use them and describe what they perform.

Likes and Dislikes

Personal predilections of toys, food, and activities reveal, thus illustrating their particular personalities. They can express their positive or negative attitudes by saying “yes” or “no” or making some kind of sound or gesture. They also give preference to different toys or foods by showing their interest and enjoyment.

You can highlight your baby’s personality and preferences by giving him or her a choice. They also should be respected and helped to deal with frustration. You may also congratulate them and clap for them when they do something right.

Tips and advice for your 12 Month Old Baby

  • As a parent, you have a great influence on your child’s development. You can help your child grow and develop by giving them a safe, challenging, and nurturing atmosphere. You can also spend time playing, having a conversation, and reading to them on a daily basis. These small things will change a lot in your child’s development and well-being. 
  • Your child is eager and curious to discover the world. You can develop their curiosity by giving them a range of toys and items that are safe, colorful, and interesting. Don’t forget that you can rotate the toys and objects every few days for their freshness and excitement.
  • Your baby is also getting more mobile and eventful. To help their mobility, it is necessary to give them enough space and time. As well, you can make your house baby-proof and eliminate any possible dangers or threats.
  • Your baby likes to play with you and them. You can promote their socialization and play by playing games with them, reading books with them, or singing songs with them. In addition, you may also give them compliments and clap for them when they play well.
  • Additionally, your baby is becoming more vocal and responsive. You can help them with their language by talking to them frequently and listening to how they respond. You can also repeat their sounds and invent some others. You can also read books and sing songs together as well.
  • Your child also starts to develop their self-awareness and their sense of the world around them. One way to promote their emotional development is by mirroring their emotions and validating their feelings. You can also comfort them when they are sad and appreciate them when they are happy. In addition, you can help them relax by hugging, rocking, or singing to them.

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