Best Child Health and Growth Tracker App

Check and track your child's Vaccination, Growth, sleeping & feeding behaviour, health symptoms and recommended Developmental Milestones.

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Child Health and Growth Tracker AppChild Health and Growth Tracker App
Best Kids Vaccination, Health & Growth Tracker App by The ParentZ
Child Health and Growth Tracker App Growth Chart

Baby Tracker - App Features

Best Kids Vaccination, Health & Growth Tracker App by The ParentZ

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Immunization Records

Immunization reminder system with vaccination schedule aligned with child vaccination chart by user country.

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Development Milestones

Milestone Tracker to track your child's milestones against easy-to-use interactive and illustrated checklists.

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Feeding and Pumping

Track breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, and solid feedings.

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Baby Teething Chart

Keep track of your baby's teeth using baby teething & shedding order digital chart.

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Symptoms & Medicine

Track and monitor your child's symptoms, prescription, medicine and doctor visits.

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Growth Tracking

Online Child Growth Tracker to record your children's weight, height, and head circumference measurements .

How Does It Work?

You'll never need another baby app; Single baby tracker app allowing you to track your child's vaccination, growth, sleeping & feeding behavior, medications, health symptoms, recommended developmental milestones and daily activities.

Create your account
Step 1

Create your account

SignIn using google or Apple or email. Secure your app using biometric or faceID.

Set up baby's basic details
Step 2

Set up baby's basic details

Provide basic details of your baby and the caregiver. Also configure the activities and things you would like to track.

Start tracking
Step 3

Start tracking

Start using the app by tracking your baby's activities (Feeding, pumping, diaper, etc..), growth, sleep, milestones, vaccination, health, illness, teething and medications.

Single Baby App to track everything

From diaper change to medications, there are a lot of things you can track using the The ParentZ - Baby Tracker App. Choose from more than 15 different activites to track.

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Track Feeding on The ParentZ App


Track Sleep on The ParentZ App


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Track Growth on The ParentZ App


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Track Medicine on The ParentZ App


Track Vaccination on The ParentZ App


Track Milestones on The ParentZ App


Track Crawling on The ParentZ App


Track Bath Time on The ParentZ App

Bath Time

Track Story Time on The ParentZ App

Story Time

Track Tummy Time on The ParentZ App

Tummy Time

Track Play Time on The ParentZ App

Play Time

Track Screen Time on The ParentZ App

Screen Time

Track Outdoor Play on The ParentZ App

Outdoor Play

Track Indoor Play on The ParentZ App

Indoor Play

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