8 Month Old Baby Development and Milestones

By Samrat Saxena|8 - 9 mins read| April 01, 2024

Your baby at eight months is developing, learning, and exploring each day. They are developing inquisitiveness, activity, and expressiveness. They are also acquiring new skills and capabilities, which will help them discover reality and communicate with you. This article explores some of the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive milestones of your 8-month-old baby.

Here are some of the growth and developmental milestones your 8-month-old may reach:

8 Month Old Baby Physical Development Milestones

Your baby is growing physically very quickly. They are also growing more agile and synchronized. They are also enhancing their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Here are some of the physical milestones that you may notice in your 8-month-old baby:

Sitting Solo

  • No more support is needed! Your baby can now sit on his or her own without the fear of falling, releasing their hands to play more. They are able to sit up for long periods of time without any help. They can also put their hands on the ground and support their bodies to be able to look around.
  • To help your baby practice sitting, put your baby on a soft mat or blanket on the floor and surround them with toys or books. You may also sit on the floor to join them, talk to them, or play with them.

Cruising Along

  • Holding onto the furniture, they are walking from point to point, willing to see their surroundings. They can sidle along while maintaining contact with a sofa, table, or chair. They may also make efforts to release themselves and be independent.
  • You can help your baby develop their cruising skills by creating a supportive environment with some strong and solid pieces of furniture for them to hold on to. You can also put some toys or books at different points to stimulate them to move around.

Crawling Adventures

  • Some babies will begin crawling this month and will do so with the newfound determination they have. They can drag themselves forward on their stomachs (army crawl) or on all fours. They can also roam around and reach their destinations.
  • Another way to promote your baby’s crawling skills is by making sure that the baby gets a lot of space to move around. You can also baby-proof your house and eliminate all threats or dangerous objects.

Pincer Power

  • They find that holding objects with their thumb and forefinger becomes more comfortable, which enables them to pick up smaller items. This way, they can use their thumbs and fingers to grab items such as cereal, crackers, or cheerios. They may not be able to do this precisely yet, but they are practicing their pincer grasp
  • You can enhance your baby’s hand coordination by offering him or her some small and safe items to pick up. You can also offer them some finger foods that they can eat by themselves.

8 Month Old Baby Social and Emotional Development Milestones

Your baby is also developing socially and emotionally. They are getting more vocal and interactive. They are also generating an emergent self and others. Here are some of the social and emotional milestones that you may observe in your 8-month-old baby: 

Stranger Danger

  • They will also tend to become sensitive to new faces, which is called stranger anxiety. This is a typical developmental phase. They can behave shily, nervously, or scaredly towards strangers or new places. They will also tend to avoid being held.
  • You can help your baby handle stranger anxiety by familiarizing them with new people and situations in a gradual and relaxed way. You may also stay near them and let them know they are protected and loved.

Interactive Games

  • Peek-a-boo, patty-cake, and other play activities are some of the favorites that promote interaction as well as social skills. They know what is about to come, and their reactions will be full of excitement or joy. They can also start the game or join in by making sounds or gestures.
  • Playing musicals, reading books, and playing games are some of the activities that will improve the social interaction and playtime of your baby. You can also encourage them and applaud them when they perform well.

Laughter and Squeals

  • They radiate joy, laughing and squealing in delight. They can laugh when they are entertained, weep when they are sad, or scream when they are thrilled.
  • You can reinforce your baby’s emotional expression by reflecting their emotions and appreciating their feelings. You can also console them when they are sad and congratulate them when they are happy. You can also help them settle by cuddling, rocking, or singing to them.

Separation anxiety might appear.

  • As their attachment grows, they may cry when left alone with unfamiliar people. They might look to you for reassurance and safety when they are afraid, tired, or injured. They can also be expressed by hugging, kissing, or smiling at you.
  • You can help your baby deal with separation anxiety by preparing them for your departure and return. You can also leave them with a familiar and trusted person and a comfort object. You can also avoid long or frequent separations

8 Month Old Baby Cognitive Development Milestones

Your baby’s intellect is also growing. They are getting more conscious and inquisitive. They are also strengthening their memory and problem-solving abilities. Here are some of the cognitive milestones that you can expect from your 8-month-old baby:

Cause and effect

  • It has become a cause-and-effect playground. Dropping things and seeing them bounce, pressing buttons with noises—all ignite their curiosity and understanding. They can see that what they do matters. They may also play with different objects and observe what happens.
  • You can facilitate your baby’s cause-and-effect skill development by giving them different objects that make noise, move, or light up. You can also demonstrate to them how to use them and explain what they are for.

Mimicry Master

  • Through mimicking, they go from gestures to sounds, and this way, they learn through imitation. They may imitate your face, movements, or sounds. They are also able to imitate your actions with things, like shaking a rattle or knocking on a spoon.
  • If you make funny faces or sounds, they might copy you. You can also demonstrate to them how to use objects and see if they copy you. You can also praise them and give them a clap when they imitate you.

Simple Games

  • Pat-a-cake and other simple games develop their cognitive abilities and provide bonding activities. They are able to comply with straight forward orders and schedules. They can also take pleasure in the repetition and rhythm of the games.
  • Playing simple games with your baby, such as pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, or this little piggy, will improve their cognitive development and bonding. You can also instruct them on the words and movements of the games and see if they will join in.

Tips and advice for your 8 Month Old Baby

As a parent you play the most important role in your child’s growth and development . You can stimulate the growth and development of your baby by creating a safe, promising, and caring environment. You can also play with them, talk with them, and read to them daily. Such simple actions can bring much development and happiness to your baby. Here are some tips and advice on how to support your 8-month-old baby’s development and have fun with them:

  • Your baby is curious and wants to discover the world. You can satisfy this curiosity by giving them different toys and objects that are safe, colorful, and attractive. Another idea is to switch toys and objects every couple of days to keep them new and interesting.
  • Your baby is also turning into a mobile baby and an explorer. You can facilitate their physical activity by providing them with enough room and time to roam. You can also baby proof  your home and eliminate any risk or danger.
  • Your baby adores playing with you and others. You can also improve their social interaction and playtime by playing some games with them, reading some books with them, and singing some songs with them. Also, you can uplift them and clap for them when they play well.
  • Your baby is also getting more vocal. Their language development can be stimulated by talking to them as much as possible and listening to their replies. You can mimic their noises as well as add your own. You can also enjoy reading books and singing songs together.
  • Your baby is also developing their identification of themselves and others. You can help them in their emotional development by mirroring their emotions and accepting the way they feel.

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