Proven Tips To Influence Your Child’s Development

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| January 04, 2024

If you are looking for how you must conduct your behavior when your kids are around, you are at the right place. Your kids are likely to pick up actions and behavior that you do, so you need to be very carefull when you are conducting youself in front of your kid. Seem like a hard task. You bet it is!

A parent’s deeds and ideas carve a path and develop a child’s ethics, morals, and beliefs. No child is born a Christian or any particular caste, creed, or race. What they become is what they see and hear in their surroundings. They imbibe it from the household and family they are born. 

If you want to get a subtle guide on how you should conduct yourself when your kids are around, keep reading. 

Rewarding Your Child

Often you might treat your child with rewards when they achieve something or the other. But do not let this turn into a habit. It might ignite greed in your child, and they will do things on behalf of material benefit instead of learning from it. Things might get out of hand if you sometimes fail to reward them. Hence, try avoiding this or try to balance it out. 

You Are Your Child’s Role Model

You are the one whom your child looks up to. You are your child’s hero. So act accordingly and get your things in order. Pay attention to the minute details of your behavior at home. And that includes not using cuss words when you’re driving. Your child is always watching you and imitating whatever you are doing.

Constructive Criticism

It is bound to happen that your child will disobey you, and you will need to discipline them. But don’t be inconsistent in your criticism. Criticise as much as required. 

Do not criticize them for everything that they are doing wrong. Find out the reason if they keep making the same mistake again and again. And finally, have a chat session where you can criticize them for boosting their confidence and not make them feel low. 

Find a balance 

You need to find a perfect balance. Be strict when the situation demands and behave friendly when other times. This parenting style is called authoritative parenting. So far, considered the best parenting style, this way of conducting with the kids helps the kid feel safe and comfortable. 

It helps the kids to develop self-confidence and better judgment power. 

Observe Your Kids 

You are a parent, and no matter how busy you are with the other stuff in your life, you have to take time out to observe your kids. 

Any changes in the behavior might mean that they are going through something. Noticing them closely will help you determine what the issue that is bothering them is. 

A sudden denial of food, not being able to sleep at night, or becoming quiet all of a sudden might be an indication that they are not well from the inside. 

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