Ways to do Effective Communication with Teens

By Samrat Saxena|3 - 4 mins read| February 19, 2024

The teenage years, where kids often push their boundaries with their increasing independence, often come with a lot of tantrums. In this stage, there is a need for parents to change how they communicate with their growing teenagers. No wonder arguments and shouting turn out to be the norm. This often makes parenting difficult, and communicating with teenagers might feel overwhelming at times. According to a report, nearly 40 percent of parents get extremely worried and anxious about their kids during their teenage years. 

In fact, teens are quick to make spontaneous decisions because their emotional hormones are at their peak. The best way is to reassure yourself that this is normal during the teenage years and that communicating with teenagers plays an important role in maintaining a healthy parent-teen relationship with your little ones during this stage. 

Read below this article to learn some of the best and most effective ways you should know about how you can communicate with your teens.

7 Tips for Effective Communication with Kids

There is no such thing as perfect parents. So as long as you’re trying to communicate with your child, every effort counts. Find out some of the best ways to set up healthy communication with your kids.

Listen carefully before you speak

Lecturing the kids has perhaps become common in most households. You certainly have had more experience than your kids, but this is not what they want! Teens want someone who can actively listen to them. You can try asking them a few positive questions, such as how you could help them feel better. Lastly, avoid blaming them for feeling in such a way.

Let them communicate openly

Children might refrain from communicating with you if you constantly scold, criticize, and judge them whenever they express anything. In fact, this could result in them telling lies. Instead, encourage them to talk openly about their emotions and give them a supportive environment where they don’t feel the fear of judgment or criticism.

Stop Criticizing

Every parent wants to support their child during their difficult times. You must acknowledge that it is OK for every child to make mistakes. In such a situation, instead of criticizing or scolding them, you must encourage them to learn from their bad experiences and help them deal with their overwhelming emotions.

Validate their feelings.

Kids don’t always want perspective or suggestions for their problems. Rather, they want someone who could help process their negative emotions. Avoid showing your disappointment in their actions. Instead, show them that you are there to help them and feel empathy for them.

Avoid stressful situations

It’s quite common to get burned out due to daily chores, either at home or work. Thus, it is likely that normal conversations might turn into impulsive arguments. The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and hold down. You can even talk about the matter a little later and give yourself time to calm yourself down.

Build Trust

Most teens refrain from communicating, especially when you constantly judge them for their actions. According to a study, parents who listen to their kids attentively are able to build trust and a safe and loving environment. Thus, it is necessary to build a healthy parent-teen relationship.

Avoid impulsive reactions

As parents, it is quite common for parents to punish or scold their children if things go against their will. Some parents might even threaten their kids as a solution. However, do you know that criticizing them for each and every mistake might have a negative consequence on your parent-teen relationship with your little one? Instead, you can talk to them about their hobbies, connect with them more often on random topics, and encourage them to appreciate and cherish the smallest moments.


As kids mature, it is normal for them to undergo some changes in their behavior, mood, and actions. As parents, it is important for them to understand them mentally and emotionally and give them the emotional support they need during their self-discovery period. In the above article, we have provided some of the most helpful tips that you must know for effective communication with your teens.

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