101 Guide For Bottle feeding Your Little One

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| October 11, 2023

You will always find a parent sad about their babies not having breast milk, but it is normal. Bottle feeding, when done under the instructions of certified pediatrics and following possible sources, is as healthy for the baby as feeding breastmilk is. If you are a parent dealing with this kind of situation, this blog will help you to get a grip on the bottle and help your newborn. 

How to Bottle-Feed a Baby

Choosing The Bottle 

Buy a feeding bottle that is free of Bisphenol. While choosing the color or design o the bottle, ensure that they do not wear off easily. The designs wearing off easily might be made with a harmful substance that is not fit for your baby. 

Instead of choosing a colored bottle, buy a clear bottle so that you can read the markings clearly and see the inside of the bottle. Further, while you are choosing the size, be careful. You might think that your baby is going to grow faster, so investing in a bigger bottle will be viable. But instead of that, choose the bottle according to their age. 

Cleaning The Bottle 

How to clean and maintain the hygiene of the bottle is very important to learn. Before you use the equipment you need to feed your baby, ensure that your hands are clean. Wash it with soap and water before you touch the supplies. 

After your baby is done with feeding, ensure that you ash the bottle with a bottle brush and warm water immediately. Leaving the bottle for a while might result in fungus building. Ensure that there is no milk residue inside the bottle. After washing out with warm water, use a soapy solution and rinse it thoroughly. 

Every time before you use the bottle, ensure to boil it in water. Or, if you have a bottle sterilizing machine, use it. Get your hand on a sterilizing machine, as it is the need of the hour. 

How To Rewarm The Feed? 

If your baby is not done having the whole feed, there is no need to throw it away. You can reward the feed, and it is perfectly healthy for your baby. If you have left out milk in the bottle, refrigerate SOS.

When you will need to feed your baby, rewarm it by placing the feeding bottle in a container of water and boil the container for 15 mins. 

Feeding The Baby 

You can feed the baby the same way you were breastfeeding them. Hold them in your arms. Support their neck with one hand and hold the bottle with one hand and let them feast on it. Make eye contact and talk to them softly. 

Babies find it very soothing when their parents interact with them when they are feeding. You can also sing a song to calm their nerves. Do not make them laugh, or they might choke on the milk. 

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