6 Ways to Relieve Cold Symptoms in Your Little Ones

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| December 25, 2023

There is no denying that seeing your kids falling sick is the worst part ever. Here, weather is the most common reason behind the cold in your little ones. Since young children get a lot of colds in a year, parents often get worried about their health. Of course, you should make efforts to build up immunity that helps them cope with many viruses that cause colds in children. 

Things you can try to relieve cold in little ones

If your child is not well and you are concerned about the symptoms of a cold, you can do a lot of things at home to get some relief. Here are some ways that you can consider to relieve cold symptoms in your little ones. 


The most effective way to treat a cold at home is to get your child steam. Steam relieves the symptoms of colds and helps deal with breathing issues in kids. Inhaling the hot fume for 10 to 15 minutes provides the relief that your child actually needs. 


A sore throat can also make your little ones feel uneasy. This is exactly where the goodness of honey can work for you. The antioxidant properties in honey can help soothe a sore throat and bring relief to your kid. 

Turmeric milk 

One cannot deny the magical benefits of turmeric milk. This golden milk helps your little ones fight infections. From relieving sore throat to runny nose, turmeric milk can help your kids to relieve cold symptoms and feel better immediately. You can give turmeric milk to your child every night. 

Keep your child hydrated 

If your child is suffering from sneezing and coughing, keeping them hydrated can give him relief. Drinking water at regular intervals can minimize throat inflammation and help your kid to deal with a common cold. 

Nasal drops 

A blocked nose can make your kid feel uncomfortable and have difficulty sleeping. You can try nasal drops that might help your child feel comfortable and sleep better at night. Make sure the nasal drops are recommended by the doctor. 

Don’t pressurize your child 

Parents often get worried when they witness the loss of appetite in kids. On top of that, if you pressurize them to eat, they might feel uneasy. Their appetite will come back once they start feeling better. 

These are some common ways that you can try at home if your kid is suffering from the symptoms of a cold. These home remedies work well if the symptoms are mild. Your child will surely get the much-needed relief and feel better. 

What if the above remedies don’t work? 

You should visit a doctor and get a medical checkup done to ensure your child is safe. The doctors are professionals at treating your child’s ailments. This is why they know what can work for your child better. Always consult with doctors before giving them medicines to relieve cold symptoms at home. Do not give them antibiotics until prescribed by the doctors. 

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