Are Air Purifiers Really Effective In Preventing Seasonal Allergies

By Komal|2 - 3 mins read| October 06, 2023

Air purifiers are designed to make the condition of a room serene and healthy. They does not only free the air from various kinds of pollutants but also allergens. Certain air purifiers are capable of filtering allergens too. But you can not depend on the very air purifier to work best. There are certain inexpensive ones in the market that are not up to the mark in filtering allergens. So if you or anyone in your family is affected by seasonal allergies, here is some quick research you must do before you buy an air purifier. 

Guide To Choosing An Air Purifier For Allergies

People are hovering over them and installing them in every single room. But did you know that all air purifiers are not designed to fight off allergens? 

You have to search for air purifiers with HEPA filters and activated charcoal. These air purifiers are helpful in filtering various kinds of allergens like smoke, dust, pet hair, etc. The filtration system that an air purifier has should deserve your attention when you are buying a purifier for fighting allergies. 

Furthermore, search through the internet thoroughly for customer reviews. Other factors you must consider while choosing an air purifier are low noise mechanism and how many square foot does it covers. 

Budget is another factor that you must take into consideration while you are looking for air purifiers. These parameters will ensure that you get the best air purifiers so that you and your little kiddo are safe and healthy. 

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Purifier?

Owing to the increase of industrialization and capitalism, people are using more and more products that are rapidly increasing pollution. It is very important to at least breathe fresh air. Hence, comes the role of a purifier. Here are some benefits of having an air purifier installed in your house. 

  • If you or your kids are sensitive and gets allergic reaction from almost everything under the sun, air purifiers will help you soothe your issues. 
  • There is a misconception that the sr inside your house isn’t polluted. There are high chances of air pollutants entering and polluting your home environment. An air purifier is a savior in such situations. 
  • Air purifiers also help neutralize your home’s smell. Small and compact houses often smell of cooked food. It will be very shameful if guests enter and are hit by a strong smell. Air purifiers neutralize such awful smells. 
  • Air purifiers will cleanse the environment of your bedroom and ensure that you sleep soundly like a baby. Mild irritations like cough, sneezing and feeling itchy during sleep are symptoms of allergies. 

Types Of Filter Air Purifiers Use

While you are buying an air purifier, you must look at the filter that solves your purpose. For example, people who are buying a purifier for allergies must opt for HEPA and Activated Carbon, as already mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

  • Ionizer 
  • Activated carbon 
  • HEPA- High-efficiency particulate air 
  • Permanently installed air cleanser 
  • PECO- Photoelectrochemical oxidation 
  • Electrostatic precipitation 
  • UVGI- Uktraviolate germicidal irradiation
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