Common Side effects of vaccinations in babies and children

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This is no brainer that every parent wishes to observe their baby growing. With this growing phase, it becomes our responsibility to keep our little ones immunized against severe diseases. However, there might be some risks and side effects associated with getting your baby vaccinated. Most babies and children don’t experience side effects after getting the vaccine shot. Continue reading further to find out possible side effects after your child gets vaccines.

So what are common side effects of vaccines? The side effects may be mild or severe but, the cases of any severe outcomes are very uncommon. Some of the most common after-effects that have been noticed in babies that undergo vaccination includes fever, stinging pain, redness of skin, vomiting, loss of appetite, swelling, or abnormal behavior. And, there is only one in a million case that shows any possible allergic reactions or anaphylaxis to vaccines. 

Though these symptoms usually fade away within a period of 1-2 days, it is important to consult your baby’s doctor if the symptoms persist for a longer duration. In this article, we will learn about some of the most common side effects after vaccination on babies. you can also read best ways to reduce pain after vaccination in babies.

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7 Common Post-Vaccination Side effects in Babies 

Read below to learn about the common side effects of vaccination in babies. Here is what to expect after your child gets vaccines:

1. Tenderness and Redness 

The most common side effect of vaccination on babies is tenderness and redness at the shot spot. This is something you can notice in almost every kid, who is vaccinated. Even if this side effect is the most common one, it gets fixed within a few days and no medication is required for it. 

2. A Low Grade Fever 

Just like redness at the shot spot, a low grade fever in babies is also a common side effect. Vaccines cause fever in babies and can be treated with or without medicines at home. A baby’s body responds to the vaccine that causes fever but it does not require to be treated with medication.

3. Trouble or Excessive Sleeping 

Of course, your baby will sleep more or he will face trouble sleeping. When your baby is vaccinated and you witness this symptom, then nothing to worry about. Trouble or excessive sleeping is not a matter of concern as it is another common side effect of vaccination in babies. 

4. Swelling 

You may notice slight swelling at the shot site which is normal after vaccination in babies. However, you don’t have to worry even if you see swelling of the whole leg or arm. It can be another reaction to vaccination in babies. 

5. Vomiting 

Some babies suffer more than usual after vaccination and vomiting can be another side effect in babies after vaccination. They may be fussier and feel uneasy. But, this side effect is temporary and should improve in a day or two. 

6. Loss of Appetite 

Little toddlers are always tough to please when it comes to having a meal. You may witness a loss of appetite in babies after vaccination but this side effect is also temporary and may improve within 2 days. They may eat less for a short time. 

7. Mild Rash 

Your baby is fussy and irritated after vaccination. You may also notice mild rashes on the baby’s body caused by certain vaccines. If the rashes are mild, you don’t have to worry about them as it is not serious and may go away on their own. Your baby does not require medications for mild rashes. 

The Takeaway!

When it comes to the health of their babies, parents become very concerned. Especially, when we talk about vaccination, parents have a lot of false beliefs considering its side effects. However, it must be noted that cases of any severe outcomes, such as fits or seizures are very rare and the common side effects tend to fade away in a day. This guide will certainly help you know more about the common side effects associated with vaccination.

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