How To Decorate Fancy Sugar Cookies Using Royal Icing

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| February 19, 2024


Fancy sugar cookies have always been tempting when compared to the basic ones. And transforming the simple sugar cookies into a decorated one using royal icing is definitely an art. Eventhough the unique shapes of the cookies is something unavoidable, icing is certainly the most fascinating part when decorating sugar cookies. You might think it to be difficult yet it isn’t that complicated. And this might be a fun activity especially for your kids too. 

Whether you’re preparing cookies for a festive occasion, a gender reveal, a holiday or just for fun, learning how to decorate can be a fantastic way to explore endless creativity ideas. Here are a few simple steps that will make your journey of creating intricate designs on your cookies using royal icing easy. Read below to find out how.


  • Pre-baked sugar cookies. Make sure they are cooled down.
  • Different colored royal icing
  • Piping bags or squeeze bottles
  • Piping nozzles of different sizes
  • Decorating brushes or toothpicks
  • Sprinkles
  • Edible glitters

Set Up Your Workspace

Start by setting up a clean workstation where you can decorate your cookies comfortably. Simultaneously, gather up all the decorating tools and ingredients within easy reach. Now you are all set!

Outlining Is Important

To outline the shapes of your cookies, make sure you’re using the royal icing that is available in the piping consistency i.e., a thicker consistency. This step will prevent overflowing of the inner icing. Now, fit a small piping tip, such as 1 or 2 and fill the piping bag with the icing of your desired color. Finally, be careful when tracing the edges of the cookies and correct any mistakes using a toothpick while the icing is still moist.

Alternatively, the easiest way to decorate your cookies is to dip one side of the cookie surface in royal icing and its all good to work as a base for adding edible decorations over it. You can even make swirls or lines using a different-colored icing on the dipped side with the help of a toothpick while the base is still wet.

Flood The Sugar Cookies

Once the outlining is properly done and dried for a few minutes, you can start flooding the cookies with icing available in the flooding consistency i.e., a thinner consistence. You can use either a piping bag or a squeeze bottle to make sure the icing is even throughout. If you find any air bubbles, pop them using a toothpick.

Add Details

If you wish to add additional details or intricate designs or patterns to your sugar cookies, do so while the icing is still moist. Let your creativity shine and come up with unique ideas and color combinations to bring life to the basic sugar cookies. You can choose to create starts, swirls or other lining patterns on the icing with the help of decorating brushes. Add sprinkles, edible glitters and other edible decorations to add a pop of colors to your sweet treat.

Let It Dry

Let the sugar cookies set to dry at room temperature for around 6-12 hours or until the royal icing is dried completely. The time taken to dry typically depends on the thickness and humidity levels. Once dried, you can store them in airtight containers to keep them fresh for days.


Decorating sugar cookies using royal icing can be a fun moment for both professional and novice bakers. And learning how to transform the simple drop cookies into stunning cookies is one of the best ways to explore your creativity in baking and decorating. Read the above article and explore some of the best ideas to decorate the cookies with ease.

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