How to get babies to take medicine

By Komal|2 - 3 mins read| December 11, 2023

We’re sure that when your little one falls sick, you are ready to do everything that you can—from cuddles to getting their favorite toys. However, when it comes to making your baby take medicine, it can become quite overwhelming. Does your baby refuse to take medicine? In fact, most parents struggle with their babies when giving medicine to them.

According to a report given by the National Institute of Health, young babies tend to refuse medicine due to palatability. However, some effective techniques can make your job easier. Explore this article to find out five easy ways you can get your child to take medicine.

5 Best Ways to Get Your Baby to Take Medicine Easily

Here are some of the best tricks that will definitely ensure you face no struggles when giving medicine to your baby. 

Twist The Flavour

Since most medicines have a strange taste or smell, babies tend to refuse them at first sight. However, tricking them by mixing the medicine with their favourite flavours, such as strawberry, grape, or bubblegum, is sure to get your baby willing to take the medicine. This is, in fact, the most effective trick to ensure your baby doesn’t refuse the medicine. 

Remain Calm

According to paediatricians, remaining calm is one of the best ways to administer medicine. On the other hand, it is observed that fracking your little one to take the medicine might result in spitting out or choking. Thus, the best way is to be calm and positive so that your baby can stay calm as well. 

Refrigerate It

Refrigerating the medicine is an effective way to lessen the strong taste of medicine. However, it’s best to seek advice from a pharmacist to decide if it’s right to refrigerate a particular medicine. Alternatively, you can also bring your baby’s favourite flavoured popsicle and let their tongue get numb. This will not only enhance the flavour but also reduce the strange taste.

Slowly Squirt Using Syringe

Another trick that will help you prevent your baby from refusing the medicine is to use an oral syringe by gently pushing the medicine at the side of their cheeks. This will also ensure that the right amount of dose is being delivered.

Wrap Your Baby

Last but not least, wrapping your baby in your arms and swaddling them will keep your baby calm, so he won’t flinch away. Additionally, you can also try making him sit up in an upright position and handing him his favourite toy so he remains distracted while the medicine is being administered.


Making a baby take medicine is not easy, especially when parents are not calm themselves. From swaddling your baby to twisting up some flavours, these are some of the effective ways you could easily get the medicine to enter their mouth.

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