Reasons behind chronic cough in babies 

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Cough is the symptom that your child is having an upper respiratory viral or bacterial infection. The cough is not always a common thing that happens with kids. It can go away within a week or sometimes, it can persist for a month or longer which is an understandable concern for you as parents. Whether it is common or severe, coughing causes discomfort in children. 

Certainly, chronic cough lasts for more than four weeks and makes babies uncomfortable because it can occur with other symptoms as well. Not only can chronic coughs make babies uneasy but it can also be problematic in daily lives and cause interrupting sleep patterns. 

If chronic cough in your babies has become a concern for you, then you must know about its causes. There may be many reasons why your baby may be coughing. Let’s have a look at some: 

#1. Common cold 

Common cold or upper respiratory infection is generally a common root cause of chronic cough in babies. Your baby may experience 8 to 10 colds a year that may last five to seven days. The kids swap germs constantly that cause the common cold. You can treat it at home with ease if you know it is because of the common cold. All you need to do is to increase the water intake of your children or use saline nasal spray. 

#2. Sinusitis 

Your kids may have sinusitis if they can’t stop coughing for more than ten days. It develops air pockets along with cheekbones, brows, and the nose. The sinuses will become a ground of breeding for bacteria if congestion builds. This will result in thick, yellowish-green discharge in the nasal and persistent cough. Other common symptoms of sinusitis are low energy, bad breath, postnasal drip, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. 

#3. Allergies 

If you often witness chronic cough in your kids, the chances are there that it could be due to allergies. Your child will feel uncomfortable due to itchy eyes and a drippy nose. If their bodies are overreacting to a substance that is generally harmless, they will not stop coughing. You should avoid taking your children out in the day hours when pollen counts are the highest if your children often get caught with allergies. 

#4. Asthma 

Asthma triggers chronic cough in children. When your kids inhale allergens or catch an upper respiratory infection, asthma could be the reason behind it. The other most common symptoms are shortness of breath, cough, and a tight feeling in the chest. You should provide the history of the symptoms of your children as well as your family’s medical history to get reliable treatment for asthma that triggers chronic cough immediately. 

#5. Whooping cough 

The highly contagious bacterial illness of the lungs and airways defines a whooping cough. It starts with symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose with short bursts of uncontrollable coughing. Whooping cough could be dangerous and should be treated by professionals only. If you notice a whooping cough in your children, consult with a doctor immediately. 

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