Tips on How to use Face Mask Correctly

By Kanika Gautam|2 - 3 mins read| July 07, 2023

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has made a sea change in the lifestyle of people. People are more aware of safety protocols and maintain social distancing and sanitization. It is a potentially fatal disease and you can only avoid it by wearing masks, washing your hands frequently and avoid going out as far as possible. As offices are starting to open, masks have become an integral part of our lives. It is important that you wear the mask in the correct manner to keep the virus away.

Clean hands keep you safe

You should not touch your face mask if you have not washed your hands.  The first rule of wearing a mask requires clean hands.  There is a possibility of contaminating your sterilized mask if you touch it without sanitizing your hand.  It is important to ensure that you wash off the last bit of microscopic germs that are happily hosting on your hand as they might reach your eyes, nose or mouth.  Do the same when you remove the mask too! Always remove the mask from the loops and not by touching the front where germs will proliferate.

Check for mask quality

Most of us are unaware of the right mask that can keep the Corona virus out.  If you are under the impression that all masks are alike, think again.  You snap on the mask and think you are good to go.  Not so fast!  When you pull out the mask from the sealed pack, it would be best if you do a quality check first.  Check if the mask is approved by the authorities. You might want to consider switching to a medically approved cloth mask rather than wearing a paper one that is unsafe. You may spend more for the first time, but most of these cloth masks are reusable and are cheaper in the long run.

The right way to position the mask

Would you dream of wearing your shirt upside down when you are in a hurry? No, right! But many people do tuck in the mask on their face the wrong way. You may ignore to align the right side of the mask to the face only as a death wish.  The thickened edge is the upper-side made to fit the shape of your nose. The fit has to be snug too.

Wear masks in public

You must have heard or read somewhere that prolonged use of face masks can lead to deficit oxygen supply to the organs or cause CO2 intoxication.  These are myths.  As long as you are in contact with people, you cannot risk taking off your face mask. Wear the mask in the proper way to keep yourself and others safe too! You can opt for breathable fabric masks that can be washed too. Good for the environment and better for your pocket too!

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