10 Affordable Fun Ideas For Kids This Summer

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

You may be wondering how to utilize your time this summer with your kids. What new should you try to make it count as their best time? This article is for the kids to inspire them to grasp a wide array of things through various affordable fun activities which would keep them busy and nurture their talents and hone their skills further. These activities will not only enrich and benefit your little ones but will also give them memories for a lifetime.

1. Prepare Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? What better than to make and learn ice cream only to enjoy it later? Summer is certainly the perfect season to relish it. You can even ask your kids to help you preparing their favorite ice cream. 

2. Learn Science-Based Activity

A child’s mind is inquisitive. They would have never-ending questions. This summer, you can make your child learn a variety of scientific concepts through fun activities. They can pick up model-based activities such as the kaleidoscope, pin-hole camera, rainbow, volcano and so on. Also, this can be accentuated with a visit to a science center.

3. Hand Painting, Painting Pebbles And Stones

Let’s unleash the creative, artsy side of your child through painting. A colorful world is a beautiful world, and we all agree on this. What better to enjoy it than adding a little pinch of innocence to it by trying your hands at painting? You can try painting stones, pebbles and thumb-hand impressions.

4. Fun Craft Activities With Newspapers

You can make use of old newspapers in some crafts-based activities. Newspapers could be used in making lamp shade, picture frames, paper flowers, paper hats and so forth. Newspaper activities will open the doors of creativity, prompting them to think and create alluring crafts.

5. Make A Video

You can perform a skit and make a video of it. There are animation apps where kids can enjoy video editing using powerful animation tools. This could be a first step towards filmmaking.

6. Go Fishing

Fishing would prove to be a relaxing and memorable activity with your kid. You need to select a pond or lake replete with water and fish. You can also track information beforehand about varieties of fish in nearby fishing spots. Get your fishing gear, bucket and hooks.

7. Visit A Local Park

In summer’s early mornings, You can take your kids out for a walk to a nearby local park. They can walk or race, play with hoopla rings, or just take the early morning sunshine to refresh their bodies and souls. This would leave a calming effect on them and would energize them for the rest of their day.

8. Try Bird Watching

If your Kids want to adventure out of the way, take them to a freshwater lakeside where they could encounter several migratory birds. They will have the best time of their lives. This visit would also prove to be educational and informative.

9. A Visit To A Factory

Kids would love to know how their favorite things are processed. For this, visiting a chocolate, milk or biscuits factory seems to be a fair idea. This could be a fabulous idea to educate them in a lively way this summer.

10. Make Shakes And Lemonades

It’s always better to beat the scorching heat with cool lemonades. Your kids can attempt to make different fruit shakes and make their lemonades added with fresh mint and ice. They can also experiment with other ingredients and enjoy the final outcome.

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