10 Baby Names Inspired By Pop Culture

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| January 16, 2024

No matter what or how old you become, retro will have a special place in your heart. Everything has a flavor of its own, from songs to movies to fashion. And thanks to a few Netflix dramas like “Stranger Things”, the old is back in business. And same goes with baby names. The retro names will never be out of fashion. If you are a retro evangelist and looking for inspiration to name your baby, here is a list that will help you. 

1. Florence

It is a baby girl’s name. The name is of Latin origin. It means “something flourishing”. When you hold your little princess for the first time, there is a lot of manifestation happening in your subconscious. One of which is to see your little bud bloom like a beautiful flower. Naming your baby Florence will do full justice to her. 

2. Beatrix 

If you are a Potter’s head, this name will ring the Harry Potter tune in your head. Beatrix is derived from the Latin word “Viatrix”. The meaning of this name is “traveler”. For parents who have a traveler’s spree inside them, congratulations, you have got a new companion. 

3. Adelaide 

Remember the famous cartoon network show Heide? The little girl who used to live with their grandfather in the valley of Switzerland? Well, her real name was Adelaide.  The meaning of this name is “the noble one”. 

4. Bernadette

This old-fashioned name has recently become famous for the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. If you know the show, you must know the short heightened blond named Bernadette. The meaning of this name is as adorable as it sounds, “bear”. 

5. Phoebe

All “Friends” fanatics are aware of this name, and as you grow, you might realize how mature and farsighted Phoebe was (pun intended). The sweet name means “bright”. And indeed, your little one is the light of your life. 

6. Orlando 

It is a baby boy’s name. The name means “famous throughout the land”. Orlando is one of Shakespeare’s famous comic heroes. The was featured in the drama “As you like it”. The famous writer Virginia Wolf also named her autobiography “Orlando”. 

7. Henry

It is a baby boy’s name, meaning “the ruler”, and who else but your kid will rule your house? So this name is apt for your boss baby. 

8. Leonardo 

This baby boy’s name has its origin in German. It is quite a powerful name to name your baby. The meaning of this name is “the power of a lion”. Name your little lion Leonardo and let him be the lion king of your house. You can also shorten this name and call your baby Leo or Lenny. 

9. Oliver 

This baby boy’s name means “olive tree”. The name is quite a famous classic name as there is a book named “Oliver Twist”. It is one of the most heart wrecking and finest pieces of literature written by Charles Dickens. 

10. Floyd 

It is a baby boy’s name meaning “gray”. If you are a 90s kid, Pink Floyd has to be on your favorite list. Naming your baby will be a tribute to the famous rock band.

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