10 Best Exercises For Kids

By Janhavi Desai|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Kids are notorious for having seemingly endless supplies of energy. Using this energy constructively is important and challenging. If their energy is unchanneled, children can become destructive. Exercise is the best way to use this energy and it is also a great habit for children. Here are a few exercises for kids that can be woven seamlessly into playtime!

10 Best Exercises For Kids

1. Running

You’ll be surprised at how much children can run. Improper running techniques, though, can be more harmful than we might expect. It is tough to teach a child proper technique alone, so you can do this in groups. Bring your child’s friends together and have them compete against each other for best results.

2. Skipping

Another activity that can be done alone as well as in a group, skipping helps build your child’s stamina. It also strengthens their legs and builds core muscles. All you need is a simple rope to teach a kid to skip. This is a critical part of any list of exercises for kids. It can be done in increasing intensity for best results.

3. Fast Feet

Fast feet is a great alternative to running in case it isn’t possible to have your child go for a run. Ideal for a routine kids workout at home, this is like running on the spot. Unlike high-kneeing or doing butt-kicks, fast feet only allows you to lift your feet a couple of inches off the floor. It develops calf muscles, agility, stamina, and is one of the good coordination activities for kids.

4. Jumping

This is easily the most fun exercise for kids from this list and there are many ways to set it up. Investing in a trampoline will serve you quite well. Bouncy castles are expensive and unsuitable for home environments, but a ball pool might be worth investing in. It even doubles up as great play equipment for your child’s friend circle.

5. Squats

Squats may sound like harsh exercise for children alongside crunches and push ups, but it really isn’t. Squats strengthen the legs, buttocks, lower back and partially even abdomen muscles. They’re also great to add to daily workouts for kids. The best way to make this a fun exercise for kids is to do it along with them.

6. Crunches and Push-Ups

Again, these are not as tough for children as they are for adults. Children as young as 10 years old can start doing these. In fact, this might actually be the best age to start strength and agility training for kids. While crunches serve as core strengthening exercises, push-ups promote upper body fitness.

7. Stretching

Whether alone, in pairs, or in groups, kids tend to absolutely enjoy stretching if you do it right. There are many workout songs for kids that you can play and get them to stretch in sync with the music. Ideally, your children’s workout routines should begin with this so that they’re pumped up and primed for the rest of the exercises.

8. Jungle Gym

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of playtime in the park for kids’ fitness. 15 minutes on the jungle gym installation can be adequate exercise for kids aged 10 to 12. Hanging from the bars, climbing oddly shaped ladders, even hanging upside down or on all fours from horizontal ladders are all super powerful in building muscle strength, core strength and full body coordination in kids.

9. Planking

This is the most deceptive of all exercises for kids and adults alike. Planking involves lying face down on the floor, slightly spreading the legs, and lifting up the body in a rigidly straight position on the toes and forearms. Holding this position for as long as possible contributes massively to building core strength. Do this alongside your child; they may outdo you!

10. Lunges

Ideally following stretching in a kid’s workout routine, lunging is almost another type of stretching itself. It exercises the legs, especially the thighs, and promotes knee and ankle flexibility. It’s a good precursor to both strength training as well as agility training for kids. It can also be done in sync with your kid’s favourite songs to make it fun.

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