10 Best Games For Better Child Development

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

Young children have the sharpest minds. Anything taught to them will stick with them straightforwardly. Children typically pick up new information every day. If we are worried about their greater comprehension and overall growth, we may assist them in gaining it easily by playing some of the best games with them. This way, they will also learn important life lessons without much hassle.

1. Monopoly

This game is amazing for practicing basic math. Monopoly requires the players to think about financial decisions. This game will teach your child about money management, one of the life-saving topics that often go ignored.

2.    Unscramble Letter Game

The Unscramble letter game is supposed to form words. Unscrambling letter games will ameliorate their cognitive skills by making them understand the order of letters in a word. You would be required to dictate a word one after another and ask them the right order of the letters for a particular word.

3.    Solving Puzzles

Kids should be encouraged to play with puzzles. They can solve a jigsaw puzzle or shape hole puzzle where they have to identify the right piece for the right shape and fit it in. This game would help them in improving their motor skills and will also polish their memory and kinesthetic skills.

4.    Ball Games

Ball games include basketball, soccer, and Tennis. These games will keep your child active and motivated. This works well both mentally and physically. Ball games keep the child in coordination and enhance motor skills. But corroborate that your child is playing in a wide-open area with plenty of space and is keeping hydrating timely in between the game.

5.    Odd One Out

This game can be tried and played with your toddlers. They would be given the same set of objects with one odd being in it. They would need to identify the odd one. This will help them to identify similarities in patterns and to spot familiarities.

6.    Treasure Hunt

You can design a theme-based Treasure hunt for your children wherein you can include lots of hints and clues to find out about a thing or a location. This would prompt them to think multi-dimensionally. You can also draw maps and use different technologies to make the game more effective.

7.    Red Light, Green Light

This game became a global hit after the release of the South Korean series Squid Game. This game is about audio coordination with body movements. You need to inform kids that they have to move when you say green light and stop and freeze at the call of red light.

8.    Charades

Children can be made to guess a word without uttering it. They could use hand gestures and act out the word. The other player needs to guess it correctly. This will improve their imagination, patience and boost focus.

9.    Building Block Games

Children should be invigorated to play with building blocks or lego. They should be encouraged to make architectural structures like buildings and landscapes and also try making animals using the blocks. This will improve their creative thinking and analytic skills.

10. Playing With Dolls

Playing with a doll or dolls can open up the kid’s emotions, their thoughts and also encourage them to think about others’ thoughts. Children develop compassion and caring attitude from childhood. Playing with dolls also instills in them a sense of proprietorship and leadership.

Wrapping Up!

From unscramble letter game to block games, we have listed some of the best games that will surely help in the overall development of your little one. Read above and find out more. 

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