10 Best Pregnancy Apps for 2023

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Once you get pregnant, you need to do better care of your health as now you are carrying two lives together. Though, during pregnancy, you witness mental as well as physical changes due to hormonal changes resulting in mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, etc. It gets difficult to deal with your self and, at the same time taking good care of your fetus. If you are pregnant and wondering what are the best pregnancy apps in 2023, then The ParentZ is ready to solve your query by highlighting the best pregnancy apps of this year. You can also checkout. It will help you mentally and physically by providing the finest tips. Along with assisting in different scenarios you face during and post-pregnancy, including baby names, regaining health and dealing with the right diet, etc.

Through this post, we are sharing you with the best pregnancy apps for Android and iOS users, which are either free or having a meager amount. If you are planning for a baby this year, then you may need these apps to install in the handsets that will guide you like a guardian even after you conceive the baby.

Best Pregnacy Apps

Please note this is not a ranking, All these Pregnancy Apps are designed to address specific needs of pregnant women.

1. Positive Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is one of the happiest parts of a woman’s life. But it brings many physical and mental changes consequently. This app helps you in maintaining a healthy mindset during pregnancy through visualizations, affirmations, and medication tips by understanding the need for an expecting mom. It is one of the best apps to assist you during those hard periods.

The app is available on iOS and Android

2. MommyMeds

This is also an easy-to-use app for all the expecting moms allowing you to find any specific medication or even scan anyone to seek quick information on drug safety, right quantity, and its ingredients. It has a huge listing of over 20k drugs and medications. If you are confused about any medication or its usage, then this app is perfect for resolving your query.

App is available on iOS and Android

3. Soleil Organics App

During pregnancy, your body requires more organic foods than ordinary meals that will help your baby’s growth and development. As organic foods are slightly expensive than ordinary ones, this app helps you out in finding the right food in your budget through different categories of fruits, vegetables, and grains, etc.

App is available on iOS and Android

4. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

It’s a great app that starts working from the time you get pregnant, helping in tracking your baby, and once you conceive the child, it starts guiding you as a parenting app. The app also teaches you about childcare of newborns for the initial weeks.

App is available on iOS

5. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

This app is a great platform for a pregnant woman who is looking for one particular place where she can store her pregnancy stats, appointment reminders and baby bump photos. Because, during pregnancy, you get irritated often, so avoid searching for multiple places. This app delivers all the answers related to pregnancy in one place. Even this app guides in postpartum activities like breastfeeding also.

App is available on iOS and Android

6. Mind The Bump

Mind the Bump is designed well by trained experts in meditation, mindfulness, and perinatal health. It’s a great app to make your mind and body active and ready to face whatever comes your way till you conceive. It’s a unique pregnancy app that helps you mentally during pregnancy.

App is available on iOS and Android

7. Matriarc

This app is exclusively made for postpartum, but it can be used before the time of labour as well. Matriarc includes 120 professionally filmed exercises targeting different areas that get weakened after pregnancy. As other pregnancy apps focus on baby, this app works to help new moms in regaining their health and wellness.

App is available on iOS

8. Mocktails

As during pregnancy, taking any quantity of alcohol or cocktails is restricted. Many would-be-moms get desirous to get a sip of it, but they can’t. Through this app, you can choose from a large selection of drink recipes divided into four categories: fruity, citrus, creamy and special occasion. Through this help, whenever you attend a party during the pregnancy, you can prepare with a mocktail of your choice and enjoy the time.

App is available on iOS

9. Baby Names

If you are expecting and wondering about finding the baby name books with your pregnancy tracker app, then this one is the right choice. This app tells you everything from the origin of the name to the different meanings of the name that you choose. The app also suggests similar names that may interest you. The app is free with in-app purchases.

App is available on iOS

10. The ParentZ Baby Name Finder

If you are expecting your first baby and getting curious in naming your child, this is a great tool in finding the perfect name of your choice with its meanings. The ParentZ is a perfect baby name finder tool with over 80,000 names covering baby boy, baby girl, and unisex names.

Tool is available FREE

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