10 Educational Board Games for Family Fun

By Nisha Baheti|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2024

Every family has some special moments—filled with air of laughter, bonds turning stronger, and unforgettable memories being created. Imagine if those moments could turn out to be emotional and learning as well. Nowadays, spending time with your family has taken a backseat as we try to maintain a balance between work and household. Yet, it is only during such moments of togetherness that family relationships grow even stronger. 

Educational board games become a perfect choice when it comes to engaging in family fun while simultaneously making it an adventure to learn something new. Read below this article to explore the list of the top ten educational board game ideas you can’t miss!

10 Educational Board Game Ideas for Families

From scrabble to banagrams, here are some of the most fun and valuable educational board game ideas families could enjoy on their holidays.


Scrabble is not only about forming words but also about challenging your family members to create new words from some letters, thereby expanding their vocabulary. Besides, it is a great way to spend some fun time together with your family.

Settlers of Catan

In this exciting game, you need to build cities on unexplored islands filled with resources. It is basically a real-life discussion where you learn to make strategies with your family about how you can expand your territory. 

Ticket to Ride

This fun game takes you on a cross-country journey and lets you plan the route and connecting cities. In simple words, it is like a vacation planning game. Besides, it is also a fantastic way to learn about different geographical locations.


This is a mystery game that involves giving secret clues to the other players to find out hidden words. Similar to solving a puzzle, this game is best for sharpening the mind and communication skills.


Pandemic is a valuable game that involves strategizing and collaborating with your family members to stop global outbreaks and making suggestions for their cures. This game teaches real-life crisis management skills, in addition to resilience and teamwork.


Chess is a popular game where you need to plan your moves ahead so you can outsmart your opponent. This game is greatly beneficial in teaching patience, decision-making, and foresight skills.

Math Bingo

This classic game of math bingo involves solving mathematical questions and marking the results on the bingo card. Whoever marks out all the answers first wins! It is a great way to make math interactive and enjoyable.


Another educational board game is timeline, where one needs to arrange the events in chronological order. This game is a fun way to understand the key historical moments and how they are connected.


Qwirkle is a creative and colorful puzzle where you need to experiment with different color combinations and shapes to boost your scores. It is greatly helpful in promoting skills such as decision-making and problem-solving in kids.


This is a fast-paced word puzzle where you compete against the other players to create crosswords. Not only is it fun, but it is also helpful in enhancing vocabulary and as a mental workout. 

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