10 Interesting Things To Do At A Family Reunion

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

Family reunions are the best time to create memories and strengthen your bonding with everyone. Familial ties are important to live in a community. Family and relatives always stand by our side in difficult and happy times. So, why not plan a reunion? What interesting things can be done at a family reunion to enjoy your time? Here is the list that will help answer this question. 

1. You Can Play Dumb Charades

What is more interesting than playing a game where you have to guess the movie’s name or song? One team member will act out the words without saying anything, and the rest of the team will be guessing.

2.   Look AT The Old Pictures Of Children 

There can also be a game or a fun activity where you would open a childhood album or old photographs and videos of the kids and recognize which kid is that. 

3. Movie Night It Is

You can play a family movie in your home theater, and if you want, you can also plan it outdoors, whatever suits your whole family and enjoy the time together.

4. Time For A Family Photoshoot

There will always be attendees who need to go early, so resist the urge to put it off until the end of your event. When everything is finished, print your favorite photos and mail them to everyone. In this way, everyone will have a part of their memory with them.

5. Make Dinner Together

Every family member can be assigned to work in making a particular dish. You can plan out the whole food menu and work on it. Everyone can take part in preparing dinner or try a family barbeque and enjoy family time along with some conversations.

6. Family Story Time

It is always interesting for children to learn about the embarrassing or amazing inspiring stories of their parents and loved ones. Ask everyone to share their memories with them. This will bring everyone closer to a family.

7. Make A Music Playlist

Invite family members to add songs to a shared digital playlist. Make sure to play music from each era that will be present at your reunion. Create CDs so older family members can also enjoy them.

8. Travel Together To A Special Destination

You can go on a long car drive with all the members. There you can enjoy a great time, the journey, and the destination.

9. A Talent Show

Let your family’s stars shine with a talent show. Every family has one or two. If plenty of kids (and older kids) attend your event, this is a fun concept. You don’t need to be an excellent magician or vocalist to enjoy a talent show. As you all laugh together, ask folks to share a talent of theirs, no matter how unique.

10.  Family Trivia Night

Have a trivia night with your family to see who knows the most about everything. Create teams among your members and compete in different rounds.  It will help in understanding who understands whom better, make it all about your family history, or stick to the standard rounds like films, music, TV, and history.

Wrapping Up!

Wondering what are some of the best things that you can do at a family reunion to make it more fun and exciting? Well, here we have come up with the top ten interesting things that will make your experience last for a lifetime!

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