10 Tips for Organizing Kids’ Closets: Maximize Space

By Nisha Baheti|3 - 4 mins read| March 01, 2024

Have you ever found yourself slogging through heaps of toys and clothes to find one little item? We’re sure you must have. 

Kids closets are loaded with ever-growing collections of clothes, toys, and who knows what else! And it’s quite easy for their closets to get messy and chaotic. Furthermore, with the small closet size, it becomes important to make the most of every inch of space. While organizing a kid’s closet might feel overwhelming, it certainly does not need to be.

Read below this article to find out how you can plan your child’s closet organizing chore and make it ready in no time.

10 Organizing Tips for Your Kid’s Closet

From decluttering to using drawer dividers, there are several ideas that can help you organize and maximize the space in your kid’s closet. Continue reading to find out more.


Simply begin by decluttering the wardrobe before getting into its organization. You can pass down or donate items that are no longer in use to create more space for the usable items.

Season-Wise Categories

Next, the best way to organize clothes is to categorize them based on the season. You can now store the off-season items in vacuum-sealed bags to free up space for current staples.

Utilizing the vertical space

You can put in over-the-door organizers or hanging shelves for storing shoes or small toys to make the most of the room’s vertical space. You can even invest in adjustable shelves to cater to varying storage needs. 

Color Coding

Incorporating color coding while organizing can help set up an appealing and navigable wardrobe. This idea will not only make outfit selection easier but will also give an aesthetically pleasing look to the closet.

Drawer Dividers

Using drawer dividers to store things such as accessories, socks, or underwear is another great idea when it comes to avoiding mess and simplifying morning routines.

Space-saving solutions

Nowadays, there are several storage options, such as adjustable storage bins and under-bed storage boxes, that will maximize the space while simultaneously making the items easily accessible.

Labeling Everything

Imagine this—this opens your kid’s closet, and you are surprised when you find neatly labeled storage containers instead of a pile of clothes and toys. Thus, incorporating picture labels can help your little ones find what they need and even help them learn to clean up their closets independently.

Dress-up Station

Setting up a special space for dressing up for your kids can add a fun element to their everyday routine. You can even opt for hanging racks for organizing dresses and costumes and other organizers for storing hats or accessories.

Toy and Book Rotation

To prevent unnecessary and unsudden toys and books from creating a mess, it is best to resort to regular rotation. This will not only help declutter, but swapping out the toys and books often will maintain interest.

Cleaning Regularly

Lastly, setting aside time for maintaining the closet every week will greatly reduce your burden of cleaning the wardrobe all at once. You can even teach your children to engage in cleaning up their closets together on a daily basis to instill some sense of responsibility in them.

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