145 Cool Baby Names To Be Inspired Of In 2023

By Rajat Sapehya|2 - 3 mins read| August 01, 2023

While naming your baby, you want it to be very special and distinguished. It is very important to give it a thought while you are naming your baby, as it will stay with them for life and be their identity. 

There is a certain psychology parents use when they name their baby. Some prefer to stick to names that they already have in their family, like naming their kids after their grandfather or grandmother. At the same time, some naming strategies reflect classics. There is also a set of parents who get influenced by pop culture and the ongoing trend while they are naming their babies. 

Often you will come across names that are given whimsical to the babies. While naming, the parents might have a celebrity crush and name their babies after a celebrity. So a little bit of research before naming your baby can not hurt. 

Here is a list of baby names that are popular in 2023, with their meaning and origin. 

#Girl’s Name Boy’s Name
1.Charlotte Oliver 
2.Olivia Noah 
3.Luan Lucus 
4.Issabella William 
5.Sophia Leo 
6.Luna Ethane 
7.Aria Rob 
8.Violet Ethane 
9.Evelyn Henry 
10.Athena Michele 
11.Janet Levi 
12.Max Mason 
13.Maya Theo 
14.Theodora Chris 
15.Abigail Antony 
16.Serena Micah 
17.Leila Atlas 
18.Ema Jaxon 
19.Maria Caleb 
20.Iris Ryder 
21.Adison Owen 
22.Savannah Wyatt 
23.Sumire Jacob 
24.Amara Dominic 
25.Aubrey Giovani 
26.Chrissy Octavius 
27.Amanda Richie 
28.Janie Ferris 
29.Octavia Helios 
30.Aurelia Appollo 
31.Becka Abott 
32.Gigi Wilder 
33.Bella Royal 
34.Kris Baron 
35.Leni Remi 
36.Noor Xavi 
37.Sumeru Maximus 
38.Debbie Devine 
39.Dora Nobel 
40.Billie Stevie 
41.Ruby Zyan 
42.Emerald Robbie 
43.Sapphire Navy 
44.Raven Braven 
45.Riley Goerge 
46.Wrenly Weren 
47.Florence Ethane 
48.Matilda Logan 
49.Julia Jack 
50.May Ben 
51.Moon Gabriel 
52.Sedona Jaden 
53.Christina Hudson 
54Noorani Sebastian 
55.Lana Jake 
56.Cameron Christiano 
57.Cassie Kai 
58.Kay Maverick 
59.Kiely Natahne 
60.Kimberley Nate 
61.Lilac Adrian 
62.Pinky Greyson 
63.Camelia Jeremiah 
64.Rose Dylan 
65.Jane Dannie 
66.Julie Kayden 
67.Eva Declan 
68.Eveline Duncan 
69.Issadora Duke 
70.Alexis Benette 
71.Doris Drayen 
72.Ammelia Gael 
73.Dasie Daman 
74.Amara Harry 
75.Pearl Ronald 
76.Scarlette Samuel 
77.Mia Draco 
78.Nisa Simon 
79.Nayasa Carter 
80.Sia Issac 
81.Celine Thomas 
82.Penelope Tommy 
83.Violet Ezekeil 
84.Viva Aron 
85.Vamika Arnold 
86.Nikita Joshua 
87.Natasha Santiago 
88.Giana Easton 
89.Hazel Hardy 
90.Madison Rayan 
91.Sofia Watson 
92.Harper Ian 
93.Chloe Everette 
94.Mila Jameson 
95Miley Jackie 
96.Avery Robert 
97.Aurora Hunter 
98.Riley Nick 
99.Zoya Nikolas 
100. Zoie Silas 
101. Nikki Asther 
102. Kiela Asher 
103. Merry Waylon 
104. Elsa Loanado 
105. Moana Colton 
106. Marigold Moris 
107. Leilani Casimir 
108. Euphemia Amadeus 
109Cassiopeia Jiraiya 
110Andromeda Lysander 
111. Mazikeen Lazarus 
112. Lolanthe Perseus 
113. Esmery Wolfgang 
114. Myfanwy Oberon 
115. Miu Valerian 
116. Ottoline Peter 
117. Persephine Zebedee 
118. Venus Dustin 
119. Dallas Marty 
120.Edwina Crisello 
121. Laurel Chandler 
122.Heather Ned 
123Monica Perry 
124.Rachel Ponyo 
125.Marsie Travis 
126. Suzie Todd 
127.Samirah Sony 
128.Sloane Lucien 
129.Phoebe Ocher 
130.Robin Archie 
131.Penny Dutton 
132.Atarah Elio 
133.Goldie Lloyd 
134.Aura Ennis 
135.Loren Jose 
136. Laura Huck 
137. Lorie Foster 
138. Quin Django 
139. Rocksey Tex 
140.Roxane Sayer 
141. Rosallio Ridge 
142. Samantha Rhodes 
143. Chennle Rorry 
144. Mimi Rafi 
145. Kiki Ezri 

Wrapping Up!

Naming your kid is certainly difficult. However, with our list of 145 cool baby names to be inspired of in 2023, we are sure to make your search easier. Have fun!

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