20 Aesthetic Baby Names for Girls with Meaning

By Nikitha Patel|3 - 4 mins read| April 03, 2024

Searching for an aesthetic name for your baby girl might be hard. The word aesthetic cannot be defined precisely; rather, it is the essence of your style and personality to know exactly what your aesthetic is.

Choosing an aesthetic name for your daughter is not just about its popularity; it also reflects what your home feels like. Read below this article to explore some of our top recommendations on aesthetic baby names for girls with their own touch of elegance.


The name ‘aurora’ is derived from the word ‘dawn’, a Latin term that reflects the images of vibrant aesthetics and the gentle light of the early morning. 


Luna simply means ‘Moon’ and is truly inspired by the feminine energy and serene beauty of the Moon.


Clementine is derived from a Latin word meaning gentle, and it reflects a person with a sweet and nurturing nature.


Seraphina originates from a Hebrew term meaning ‘fiery ones.’ It represents someone with an angelic personality of light and passion.


This is a musical term that means solo melody. It is truly reflective of grace, elegance, and jovial spirit.


This baby name is derived from a vibrant and colorful flower named ‘Iris.’ This Greek-origin word symbolizes faith, wisdom, and hope.


Celeste is a Latin word meaning heavenly and is indicative of a sense of beauty and grace.


As the name suggests, it means ‘new’ and is representative of new beginnings and transformation.


Evangeline is a poetic term that originated from a Greek word meaning ‘bearer of good news.’ This name is symbolic of hope, faith, and positive vibes. 


The name ‘Elara’ has its roots in Greek mythology and depicts the goddesses of the moon, indicative of motherly love and nurturing nature.


The name Ophelia is inspired by the name of the heroine of William Shakespeare’s tragedy and means ‘serpent’ in Greek. This name symbolizes strength in challenging times and resilience. 


In Greek, ‘Isadora’ means the gift of Isis and symbolizes the goddess of magic and wisdom.


Amara is another elegant name that means ‘lovely’ or ‘graceful’ and represents a sense of beauty and sophistication.


Lilith is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘Storm Goddess.’ This name is reflective of strength, independence, and feminine energy.


Vivienne means ‘lively’ and this French origin name symbolizes a vibrant and lively spirit.


Aurelia is another elegant name for your daughter that signifies radiance, warmth, and the beauty of the sun’s golden rays.


Cora is a short name that signifies ‘maiden of the heart’ in Greek. It is symbolic of purity and innocence.


In old German, Eloise means ‘healthy’ and truly reflects the spirit of strength and vitality.


Selene has its roots in Greek mythology and represents the goddess of the moon. It reflects the calmness, magic, and beauty of the night sky.


Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. As the name suggests, it symbolizes intelligence and courage.

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