4 Reasons Why Rough Play Is Good For Your Kids

By Komal|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

Every time when someone mentions wrestling, do you feel nostalgic about the old days when you used to pillow fight your way out with your cousins? If you are a part of this memory, you have been roughhousing your way through childhood. There are plenty of benefits of rough play that many parents aren’t aware of. 

Parents have a notion that this is violent behavior and tries to take control over their kids by stopping them or restricting their activities. On the contrary, here are some benefits your kid will have from rough playing. 

1. Makes your kids smarter 

When your kid indulges in rough play, the brain releases neurotrophic factors. It is said to be super helpful in developing the kid’s brain. Another term used to describe this factor is “Miracke-Gro”. As the name suggests, this chemical helps in developing logical thinking and linguistic skills. 

2. Makes your kids physically fit 

Rough playing includes physical strength and practice. When your kid is rough playing, they will need a lot of energy and tactics to get out of a tricky situation. Be it fighting with their sibling or climbing a tree. Physical activities also stimulate motor skills, improve concentration and regulate cardiovascular fitness. 

3. Makes your kids sharp at social skills 

Each time your kid indulges in rough play, it makes them confident and develops emotional control. Your kids will learn how to judge people about their emotions and self-control their own emotions. This skill is very useful in the later part of their life as they will be able to navigate what other people are feeling around them and communicate on social grounds. 

4. Makes your kids happier 

Whenever you will hear howling, shouting and giggles from your kid’s room when they are with tier friends and cousins, be ensured that they are having a great time. They are making memories and are happy at the same time. These memories are to be cherished forever. They are not only happy in the present while playing, but each time they mention this memory, they will feel that they have had an awesome childhood. 

Be careful When your kids are rough playing.

With so many benefits, there comes a time when your kids might go a little over the board. Rough playing is good, but only up to a certain level. There are some cons to these kinds of play. Your kids might end up hurting themselves or others. When your kids are playing, be attentive to them. However, you might not want to stop them, but supervision is important. 

Do not allow them to play rough just before bed. Rough playing before bedtime might make your kids too energetic, and your kids will have problems falling asleep. 

While reading this blog, if you have only your sons in mind, then mind you, girl roughhouse too. Girls who rough play with each other or with their brothers and friends are more confident and street-smart. So be it your baby girl or a boy, do not restrict them. Let them have all the fun they want. 

Wrapping Up!

The benefits of rough play are something that most parents are not concerned about. However, rough play not only makes your kid happier but also physically fit and smarter. Read the above article and find out why you should encourage your little ones to engage in rough play.

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