5 Craft Ideas You Can Enjoy Doing With Your Kids

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It’s certain that most parents have a hard time keeping their young ones engaged these days. This is where crafting can be a fantastic idea. What’s more? Crafting not only brings out the creativity in them but also encourages them to motor their skills and strengthen your relationship with them. Whether it’s a summer break, a rainy day or a boring Sunday, this article explores 5 best crafting ideas that are simple and quick and which you could enjoy creating along with your kids. And these crafting ideas are sure to bring joy to your home so, roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some exciting crafting with your little ones.

1. Self-sticker

There is no child who doesn’t enjoy stickers and fantastic sticker books. This is one of the most favorite kid’s activities since it lets your small ones design their very own stickers and let their creativity soar. You simply need a few colored markers, artsheets, glue and a pair of scissors. Let your child draw their favorite designs and you can help cut them out. Stickers are ready! And this might be the ideal thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

2. Hand puppets

These entertaining finger puppets may be made without sewing, though young children may require some assistance with the hot glue gun. After that, kids can create original tales and perform a puppet show.

3. Tag on a backpack

When a custom charm hangs from the backpack zipper, kids will be able to identify it from a great distance. And it is one of the quickest crafting ideas that your kids can enjoy. Simply start by cutting a piece of cardboard into a rectangular tag and then, punch a hole at the top of it. Let your child get creative with the designs and decorate the bag tag. Loop a thread and tie it to your kid’s school bag. They can even make some to give to their pals.

4. Bird feeder made with orange peel

Bird feeders are simple for kids to make with birdseed, popcorn, and an orange peel. Give them a sketchbook and some art tools after it has been hung, and then ask them to draw and name the people who come by.

5. Village Paper House

If your kids have many toys, they may need an entire village to play in. You may make one of these out of coloured cardstock; younger children may have to sacrifice some of the detail in the window panes if they can’t use a craft knife, but squares work just as well. In a playroom, a rainbow of houses would look fantastic. Without the holiday decorations, this one will just be a vibrant town even though it was designed to be a holiday village.


Crafting with kids is not only about creativity and imagination, it’s about creating moments of togetherness with them. From self-stickers to creating their own village paper house, there are hundreds of craft ideas that your kids can enjoy on their holidays. Let their imaginations run wild and remember, it’s about the shared memories and love that has been put in every creation.

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