5 Easy and Fun Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| January 02, 2024


As the color of the leaves fade and air turns crisp, fall is the perfect season to spend time with your kids and family. When it comes to spending time with your little ones, what better than getting creative together. Besides, you won’t have to worry to keep your kids engaged and it will not only let you spend quality time with them but also encourage their creativity. From leafy lanterns to scarecrow puppets, read this interesting article to explore five easy and fun fall crafts that your kids will enjoy making.

Leafy Lanterns

To create leafy lanterns you will need some clear mason jars, colorful fall leaves, glue, paintbrushes and LED tea lights. Start by cleaning and drying the mason jars and a coat of white glue on their surface. Now, carefully arrange the collected leaves onto the jar by gently pressing them and let it dry completely. Place the LED tea lights inside the jar and whatch your kids face glow as the leaves create a cozy, autumnal glow. Enjoy!

Pinecone Critters

Gather up some pinecones, googly eyes, craft foam, pipe cleaners, glue and fall-themed acrylic paint. Ask your kid to choose a pinecone to glue the googly eyes on it. Now, assist your child to create little feet using craft foam and then, let him glue it to the bottom of the pinecone. To create antenna, tails and wings, twist the pipe cleaners and attach it to the pinecone. Let your child paint the critter in his favorite color to add more personality to it. The pinecone critters are ready!

Fall Nature Collage

Fall Nature Collage is certainly one of the best ideas that your kid will love making. Help your child collect some colorful fall leaves, twigs, pinecones, colored construction paper, markers and glue. Now, encourage him to arrange the collected items in the form of a collage and glue it carefully in the same pattern. To add a hint of color, let him add little details, such as flying birds, sun to the collage. Once it’s dried, you can get it framed and place it on the wall.

Apple Print Pumpkins

A few apples, paper plates, orange and green acrylic paint, paintbrushes and paper is all you need to make apple print pumpkins.. Start by slicing an apple in half in a horizontal manner to create a circular shape. Dip its flat side into the orange paint and press it on the paper to create a pumpkin shaped design. Add a stem to the pumpkin using the green paint and let it dry. The apple print pumpkin is ready. Encourage your child to show off his creativity and create some unique patterns similarly.

Scarecrow Puppets

Gather up a few brown paper bags,  various colored construction paper, markers, glue, and a pair of scissors and you’re all set to make adorable scarecrow puppets. Create different colored hats, eyes, noses, mouths using construction paper and glue it onto the paper bags to resemble the appearance of a scarecrow puppet. To add extra details use markers to draw some buttons or freckles. Let your child slip their hand into the paper bag and enjoy!


Fall is the perfect time to get creative with your kids. It will not only be a fun session for them but also an opportunity for your family to come together and not just create art pieces but also some unforgettable memories. Discover some of the best craft ideas for this fall season above.

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