5 Easy and Quick Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| January 12, 2024


Easter is a delightful occasion where family and friends come together to engage in fun and creative activities. Likewise, it’s a perfect time for kids to explore their inner creativity and what could be better than engaging your kids in crafting. Whether you’re looking for Easter Day craft ideas to keep your kids engaged or to have fun along with your kids while crafting together, this article covers some of the best easy and quick ideas that are not only simple but are full of Easter spirit. 

Bunny Masks

All you will need to create an adorable bunny mask is a few white paper plates, a pink construction paper, glue, popsicle sticks and colored markers. Now, cut out two bunny ear-shapes from the pink construction paper and glue both the ears on the paper plate. Ask your child to add a bunny face, nose, and eyes on the paper plate and attach a popsicle to hold it like a mask. The bunny mask is ready for your kid to hold and hop around the house. 

Egg Carton Chicks 

Transforming the basic egg carton into little chicks is a fun idea that your kids will love. For this, gather up egg cartons, yellow and orange acrylic paint, an orange construction paper, google eyes, and glue. Simply help your kid start by cutting the egg carton so that you have individual cups. Now, paint the cups and allow them to dry. Once dried, glue the googly eyes on the front of each cup and add a beak-shaped orange triangle to it. You have a charming Egg carton chick ready!

Easter Egg Garland

An Easter egg garland is another fantastic idea for your kid to create on this exciting occasion. To make this, all you need is colored construction paper, scissors, glue, some decorative items, and a string. Start by cutting out egg-shaped designs from the construction paper and decorate it with glitters, stickers, or markers. Punch a hole on the top of each egg and tie them up with the help of a colored yarn or string. Your Easter egg garland is now ready to be hung in your home to give it a festive touch.

Paper Plate Easter Baskets

Crafting Easter baskets from paper plates is a perfect idea for holding miniature treats. For this, you will need a few paper plates, markers, paint, ribbons and some candies. Let your child create Easter-themed designs on the paper plates and then cut them into two semi-circles. Then, punch two holes on the opposite sides of each halves and tie them with a ribbon to form a basket. Lastly, fill the basket with your kid’s favorite candies and it’s ready to be used as a gift or Easter egg hunt.

Pom-Pom Easter Bunnies

To create little pom-pom bunnies, gather some colored pom-poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glue. Ask your kid to glue two pom-poms on top of each to make the head and body. Now, twist the pipe cleaner and attach it to the head of the bunny and a small piece as a tail. Add googly eyes and the adorable Easter bunnies are ready.


These fantastic yet simple craft ideas are a perfect way to bring joy and spirit to your Easter celebration. From adorable bunny masks to little Easter bunnies, these crafts will not only keep your little ones entertained but will also add a festive touch to your home. Happy Easter!

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