5 Fun Christmas Craft Activities For Kids

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| March 28, 2024

Christmas holidays are a perfect time for kids and are full of festive spirit, anticipation, and creativity. And engaging your kids in crafting sessions could be a fantastic way to keep them excited and entertained. Explore some Christmas craft activity ideas and let your kids get into the holiday spirit. From making paper plate ornaments to pinecone reindeers, here are some of the best crafting ideas to let your child explore his creativity. Read below to find out five fun craft activities that your kids will surely enjoy engaging in.

Festive Paper Plate Ornaments

To make some adorable festive ornaments, you will need a few paper plates, crayons, markers, hole punch, ribbon, scissors and some decorative items, such as glitters, sequins, etc. Start by cutting out the centre of a paper plate in the form of a ring. Now, let your kid decorate the ring with his favorite Christmas designs, glitters, sequins and more. Punch a hole at the top and create a hangar by tying in a ribbon. Your paper plate ornaments are ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Making popsicle stick snowflakes is one of the easiest and adorable craft ideas. For this, you will need some popsicle sticks, white paint, glue, glitters, sequins and a ribbon. Paint all the popsicle sticks in white and leave them to dry. Glue them together in the shape of a snowflake. Give them a sparkling effect by decorating them with glitters, sequins and other embellishments. Add a ribbon and your pretty, sparkling snowflake is ready to be hanged on the Christmas tree or around the house.

Reindeer Handprint Cards

To make this, you will need construction paper, acrylic paints, google eyes, glue, and some colored markers. Ask your kids to paint their palm with brown paint and press them onto the front of a folded construction paper. Add googly eyes, a red nose and antlers once the paint dries. You can even encourage your kid to write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card.

Gingerbread House Decoration

Get your child a gingerbread house kit that you could easily find in stores. You will also need icing and some edible decorations, candles and sprinkles. Encourage your child to read the instructions carefully on the kit and assemble the gingerbread house accordingly. Let your little ones get creative and decorate it with their favorite colored icing and other decorations. The treat is ready!

Pinecone Reindeer

Collect some pinecones, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a few red pom poms and glue. Help your child twist the pipe cleaners to create antlers and attach it around the top of a pinecone. Now attach googly eyes and a red pom pom as the nose. To add additional details, add a ribbon to give some festive touch.


With this Christmas approaching, we’re sure you would be having a hard time keeping your little ones engaged. Crafting could be a fantastic way that will not only help your kids learn but also let them have a quality time with the family. Whether it’s making paper ornaments or snowflakes using popsicle sticks, these ideas will surely impress your kids this festive season.

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