5 Parenting Tips For Managing Twins

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|2 - 3 mins read| October 31, 2023

Handling a newborn can take the breath away from your lungs, and imagine if you have a set of twins, you probably need to carry an oxygen cylinder where ever you go. Having twins is double the trouble. If you are waking up to find yourself swimming in the mid-ocean, here are some tips that will help you manage twins. 

1. Get Your Grounds Cleared 

Building a team starts long before the babies are even born. You may have more childer, and everything went perfectly smoothly then, but with twins, you can not expect that. Ask for help from your parents, friends or other family members. 

Prepare a help team to help you manage the twins. Ask your friends or family for help. You will need them in the initial months. If you are far away from your acquaintances, hiring a nanny will be of great use. 

2. Plan Your Days 

It is better to get things on paper. You can not maintain good health and habits casually by planning each day at a time. You need to do it professionally. 

Get the jobs written on paper, and set timers. Maintaining a planner will help you get accustomed to the heavy-duty work that comes with twins. 

If you can contact the parents who have twins, things will get a lot easier. You can look for twin clubs in your locality. Parents of twins have an enormous experience that will immensely help raise their kids.

3. Treat Each Twin Accordingly 

Some parents make a mistake while treating their twins similarly. Dressing them alike, buying them the same bags and lunch boxes, and so on. Treat them differently according to their personality. 

Twins dose not mean both kids are the same person, and they were just born together. Your kids are two different individuals with different tastes and wishes. Do likewise. 

4. Give Them Alone Time 

In the initial years, twins are interdependent. You need to separate them on occasion so that they can build a unique personality without copying each other. 

You have to tactfully give time to each of your kids. Always spending time with them when they are twining might create distance between you and the kids. 

You have to learn and discuss with your spouse how you can do the job. It might seem hard initially, but gradually you will get hold of it.

5. Do not compare each other 

Do not compare your twins with each other depending on developed or learning skills. As said earlier, your twin babies are two different kids. They are bound to grow differently according to their pace. 

Do not make comparisons or worry yourself out thinking that the former is weaker than the latter. Especially do not make any kind of comments in front of them. 

Some parents often are loud about their children’s capacity and ability. It hampers self-confidence and also ushers sibling rivalry. 

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