5 Tips To Deal With Kleptomania In Kids

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| October 31, 2023

Have you come across numerous possession in your kid’s bag? It might not be anything of high value, just petty things like erasers, pencils, or other stuff. If so, you are dealing with an act of kleptomania. It is the urge to pick up someone’s possession without taking permission from them. There are plenty of reasons behind this habit. However, the more important thing than knowing the reasons is to deal with the habit. This blog has some tips that will help your kid to get rid of this habit. 

1. Accept That Your Child Has A Problem 

Some parents are in denial, dismissing the potential of their child being a kleptomaniac. But instead, you must recognize and act on it. By accepting the fact initially, you will be able to discard the problem right when you have come to know about it. 

2. Do Not Use Harsh Words Or Punishments 

Your child is not aware that they are making a mistake. Harsh words and punishment can make the situation worse. Instead, talk to them one on one. Try explaining to them that taking someone else’s thing without permission is an act of stealing, and people with a lack of virtue do it. 

Ask your kid to return the object from whom they have taken it and apologise. This in itself is a punishment for them. 

3. Make Them Repay 

When your child has lost an item they have taken from someone, ask them to buy the same object and return it. Ask your kid to buy the thing from their pocket money. Or you can buy it and deduct the money from their daily allowance.

Things will teach them a lesson, and they will think hard before they commit this kind of mistake again. 

4. Talk To The Class Teacher

Your kids spend a good amount of time in school, and their class teacher will know them as well as your do. If you have noticed kleptomaniac tendencies in your kid, let the class teacher of your kid know about the problem. 

When someone keeps a close watch on your kid, they will be able to jerk off the habit sooner. With supervision within the school premises, they will get rid of this habit sooner. 

5. Talk To A Psychiatrist

Some kids with these kinds of habits are very hard to deal with. In these cases, it is better if you will seek help from a child psychiatrist. In severe cases, you have to understand the reason they are doing it. If not dealt with in the initial stages, your child might have the tendency to become a pathological liar and thief. 

When you talk to a psychiatrist, they will talk to your kid and try to find out the reason behind the behavior. Later you can follow their advice on how to take care of your kids with these kinds of problems. 

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