6 Best Father’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| January 12, 2024

Father’s day is the perfect time of the year to express your love and acknowledge the presence of the remarkable dads in our lives. Handmade crafts are certainly the most heartfelt things that little ones can do to surprise their dads. Engaging in crafts will not only let your child explore their creativity and imagination but also provide them the opportunity to bond with their father better while crafting something special for him. Read this article to explore six best Father’s day craft ideas that your littles ones can create easily to make their dads feel loved and cherished. 

Handprint and Footprint Art

This form is a fantastic way to capture your child’s growth for lifetime with a hint of creativity for which you would need a paper or canvas. Use it to create handprints and footprints using different colors. Let your child use his unique idea to choose designs and colors and help them write a loving message on their personalised handcrafted piece. These beautiful artworks can also be hung on the walls as a cherished keepsake for dads.

Photo Collage

Pick up some of the best family photographs and assist your child create a heartwarming photo collage. You can even try adding the pictures in the form of heart shaped or ‘DAD’ for a personalised touch. Let your child draw his favourite designs and add a frame to it. It’s ready!

Decorated Coffee Mugs

Transforming an ordinary coffee mug into a handcrafted personalised gift is a simple yet heartwarming surprise perfect for Father’s day. Give your child some markers or paint and let him create artistic designs or loving messages on it. It’s all ready for dad’s morning coffee once the paint dries up.

Tie-shaped Cards

Crafting a tie-shaped card for the occasion is another precious idea to add a sense of humour to the day. Let your little one cut out a tie-shaped card and decorate it with markers, stickers, or fabric straps. You can even ask them to add a secret message to bring in a pleasant smile on their dad’s face.

Handmade Coupon Book

Crafting a coupon book filled with heartfelt promises is another precious gifting idea. Ask your child to fill it with little promises, such as doing tasks like washing, cleaning or helping make breakfast and those coupons could be redeemed by dad whenever he pleases. And, this will not only let them learn new things but will help dads bond better with their kids.

Handcrafted Keychain

Handcrafted keychains is one of the most simple gifting ideas that can easily be created by kids with the help of beads, letter beads or other decorative items. Kids can even spell out the word “DAD” or their father’s name with the help of letter beads for a personalised touch and add a colourful ribbon to it.


These six craft ideas will not only be treasured by the fathers but are a delightful way for creating lasting memories. From handprint art to handcrafted keychains, these gifting ideas are a way to let your child show gratitude and care in a fun way.

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