6 Healthy Discipline Strategies For Your Kids

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|2 - 3 mins read| October 30, 2023

There are many responsibilities with the joy of becoming a parent. Along with studies, food and other aspects of your kid’s life, you must also provide them with a disciplined environment. Incorporating discipline in your kids is all about patience and persistence. Here are some strategies that will help you discipline your child. 

1. Set Bars

Discipline does not mean you will have to make your child do only things that are not fun, like studying or tidying their rooms. You need to be disciplined with the fun activities. Along with setting a daily routine that involves studies, and extracurricular activities, make a slot for playtime or screen time. The only thing that you need to remember is to set a tile boundary. Doing it from an early age will make them habituated and save them from tantrums. 

2. Make Them Aware Of The Consequences

Tell them about the consequences they might face by not listening to you. For example, some kids have reluctant to brush their teeth in the morning or do not make their bed after they wake up. There are two very im[portnat good habits that your kids need to develop. Tell me calmly can consequences they might face if they do not brush, still if they are not listening, punishing them will help.

However, do not choose extremely harsh punishment. Abolish screen time or no desserts for a week will fix their attitude. 

3. Treat Them Like Adults 

Parents often make the mistake of using harsh words and actions. Tell them what they are doing wrong and how a behavior they have adapted is not right. When handled with a calm and firm voice, they will realize their mistakes. 

Have a full-on conversation with them, ask them questions, and answer their questions. Do not dismiss them as they are young and naive. 

4. Listen To Their Part 

Some parents dismiss their kids without listening to their side of the story. If you have received complaints from the school about your child, you must ask them why they misbehaved in the first place. Do not straight away start cursing and scolding them. This will inflict fear and trauma.

5. Reward Them 

When you see that your child is trying to rectify themselves consciously, give them rewards for the smallest effort they make. These rewards will boost them to keep on going. You might not gift them any material procession, but applauding and bestowing them with kind words will also do the trick. 

6. Pay Attention 

If you have chosen to be a parent, you need to give your time and attention to your kids. With both parents working, sometimes they can not manage their kid’s time. During these episodes, you will notice your kids are adopting some bad habits and breaking the rules. It is a way of them expressing that they need your attention. 

Talking to them and spending good times together will bring your kid back on track. 

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