6 Simple Backyard Activities That You Can Enjoy With Your Kids

By Samridhi|3 - 4 mins read| October 31, 2023

Are you tired and irritated, seeing your child silk around the house with a mobile and TV? It’s high time to encourage them to get active. Screen addiction is dangerous, and your little ones might rebel at first but do not give up, as it is going to be the most memorable thing that they will feel nostalgic about when they grow up. Try some backyard activities for starters, and then gradually, you can extend your boundaries. Here are some ideas for backyard activities that you can enjoy with your kids. 

1. Make A Swing 

Adding a swing to the backyard can keep your children happy and active, but only if you decide to DIY the swing. All you need is a wooden plank and some rope to make a swing. If you do not have a wooden plank, a damaged tier will also suffice your need. 

Your kids will not only enjoy the process of making the swing, but in their leisure time, they can enjoy a quick swing. 

2. Order A Portable Swimming Pool 

During the summers, nothing can beat the excitement and fun that a swimming pool gives you. But if you do not have a swimming pool in your house, DIY your way through everything. The market is flooded with DIY swimming pools. 

These colorful pools are made of rubber. You have to blow them up, fill them with water, and hop in. The whole experience of creating a pool will be a fun activity your kids will love. Also, swimming is a great exercise. It will keep your child mentally and physically active. 

3. Make A Koi Pond 

If you love petting fish, making a koi pond will be a lot of fun. You can take inspiration from various articles and blogs on how to make a koi pond. Indulge in building an abode for the bright-colored koi. 

These activities will teach your kids aton og of things about having pet fish. Furthermore, it is an experience worth sharing when they visit the school. 

4. Gardening 

If you have a patch of small little garden in your backyard, ask your kids this summer to help you take care of the plants. Give them a duty to water the plants, pluck the yellow leaves and spend more time in nature. 

Gardening is a fun activity and a life skill. Your kids might discover a passion for it this summer. 

5. Host A Picnic 

You can ask your kids to call over their friends for a summer picnic. Keep it simple and cook things that are easily made. Do it all outdoors, like a barbeque party. Cooking time is something that is thoroughly enjoyed by kids. 

6. Make Obstacle Course 

Whenever you visit the park, you must have noticed that your kids love the obstacle course. Ask them to make one themselves in the backyard. Making these courses needs time, patience and intelligence. It will be a fin physical and mental activity that will keep your children busy. 

For inspiration, you can show them a few DIY obstacle courses from Google. 

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