6 Tips To Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time

By Komal|2 - 3 mins read| October 31, 2023

Kids nowadays learn how to handle a mobile phone before they learn to call their parents. That is how fast science and its inventions are swallowing us. You will find a screened device everywhere, from your front door to the grocery shop. People are also enjoying simple things like reading a book on screen. It harms people, and the ones at the most risk are kids. Thus, you should be very careful regarding kids’ screen time. Anxiety, depression and being inactive are what come with screen time. So here are some ways that will help you to reduce your screen time. 

1. Be Strict 

You might believe in the approach of a friendly parent, and that is fine when it comes to guiding them or sharing feelings. But there are some states where you need to show them they are living rent-free in your house, and you are the boss. 

Set tie bars and limitations when it comes to screen time. Be it watching television, computer, video games, or mobile.

2. Ask Them To Be More Active 

Encourage your kids to stay active. Playing, walking, exercising, etc., will keep them away from the screens. The more they will stay active, the less they will crave screen time. 

3. Creat Phone Free Zones 

Make your kitchen or meal areas a phone-free zone. Teach them that it is important to connect with the family and talk. Ask them their whereabouts and tell them yours. Making them feel that they are a responsible part of the family. 

Give them the liberty to punish you if you are caught using phones in the phone-free zone. This will usher in a sense of authority. 

4. Create Binge Days 

Choose a day of the week (weekends or off days) when you will allow yoru kids to enjoy television, mobile or video games. Let them feel like they are the rulers of your house. However, it is suggested not to go overboard, or you will find yourself and your kids using screed devices for the whole day. 

You can hype up the game by barring all the screened devices throughout the week. Fill your kid’s days with school, activities, games and homework. This will create a sense of discipline in your kids. 

5. Ask Them Why 

Whenever your kids will ask you to for using any kind of technological device, ask them why they need it. Obviously, if they have a valid reason to use the device, you won’t say no. But if they want the device to be entertaining, you might suggest to them a few more ideas that will help them stay entertained. 

6. Install A Tracking App 

You will find many screen time tracing and parent-controlling apps. These apps allow you to restrict the screen time on your kid’s phone. A few apps help you to track their phone too. You will be able to read their messages and see who they were talking to or if they are getting access to any offensive sites. 

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