9 Reasons Your Kids Should Have A Pet Dog

By Janhavi Desai|3 - 4 mins read| March 24, 2023

Children And Dogs Are A Great Combination For A Variety Of Reasons. Raising children is a difficult task that involves a LOT of work. Having pets is also a tough job that comes with a lot of responsibilities and work. Still, deciding to do both together was the best decision of my life. Having a dog enriches all of our lives, and it is especially so with my kids. Based on my experience, here’s why your kids should have a pet dog.


When kids have their own pet dogs to look after, they learn to care for someone other than themselves very early in life. It makes them more empathetic and sensitive to everyone around them. Children and dogs are quick to develop strong and lasting emotional bonds. This will make your kids compassionate beings throughout their lives.


When you have a dog, you have to ensure it gets enough exercise. If you don’t, it will unleash all its excess energy at home. Dogs are high-energy creatures, which makes them great companions. If you make it your kids’ duty to walk the dog, then your children and dogs will both get the necessary exercise plus some more!


Studies in the USA have shown that growing up with pets makes children’s immune systems stronger. Kids with dogs tend to be less susceptible to asthma, allergies and other reaction based health complications. Children who grow up with dogs are also less likely to contract skin problems like eczema even later in life.


If your kids leave their toys out and in a mess, the dog will most probably chew and ruin them. This makes it necessary for your kids to clean up after themselves and put their toys back after playing. Can you imagine? You won’t even have to insist!


Dogs depend entirely on their humans to look after them, feed them, clean them and in general keep them well. This is a huge amount of responsibility and if your kids love dogs then they’ll learn to take it on.

Social Interaction

Children and dogs are too cute a pair for most people to keep from interacting with them. Dogs are great conversation starters even for kids who are shy. They will attract dog lovers from among your child’s peers and help develop your child’s social skills.

Happy Memories

The absolute best part of having dogs is the memories they make. Children and dogs are both naturally very goofy. Their antics will provide constant entertainment during your kids’ childhood and fabulous memories for the rest of their lives.

Best Friend

A dog’s love and loyalty is unquestioning and unconditional. They don’t judge or bully and they’re always there when they’re needed. Dogs are always ready to play and accompany your kids. Children and dogs growing up together usually become each others’ best friends.


Last but not the least, dogs are one of the best child safety precautions you can take in your life. If your child is alone but the dog is with them, you won’t need to worry. The dog will ward off strangers with bad intentions, and if anything goes wrong, they will bark and call you.

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