A Comprehensive Guide To Letting Your Child Learn To Getting Social

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| December 26, 2023

Getting social is beyond making friends. In this interconnected world, it has become the responsibility of parents to teach their kids the ability to communicate, collaborate and empathize with other beings. Whether your kid is an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, this guide includes some best strategies to developing the critical skill of getting social. 

From making them learn the need of social skills to letting them know the importance of personal space, explore some of the best ways on how you could let your child learn and grow socially.

Knowing the importance of social kills 

Teaching your kids social skills in the initial years of their life will help them develop their personality tremendously. There are enough examples where children with better social skills have been ahead in their respective fields. 

Following directions

Suppose you happen to have in front of you the one who is following your orders and the other who is not, you will naturally feel less connected with the one not following your orders. This is how the power of social care skills is. Make your children understand the importance of following directions. Take baby steps with them and reward them, if they have successfully followed what you have asked for.

Teach them the importance of personal space

Some children will talk to you from a distance while others might climb onto your lap. Getting a kid to hug you might seem adorable but when your kids start growing, this habit might turn into clinginess. Teach them the importance of personal space by asking them to stand at an arm’s distance while talking. Also, knock on the doors of anyone in your house before entering just to teach your kids how important it is to ask permission before meddling in other’s business.

Making eye contact

Another important part of communication skills is to make eye contact. You might find some kids looking away from you while they are talking while others might feel shy and look down while they speak. It is a habit that should not be encouraged. 

To teach your kid how to make eye contact, ask them to tell a story and do not look at them while they’re at it. Ask them to tell another story and this time make eye contact. After they have done the storytelling, ask them which story-telling did they enjoy. Depending on their answer, explain to them the importance of making eye contact.

Teach your children good manners

Good manners or another social skill that your children should learn from an early age. Teach them the importance of saying thank you, please, excuse me, etc., whenever they are interacting with someone. Asking them to say these things will not be enough. 

When you are talking to your kids use these manners yourself too. When your kids see you being well-spoken and well-mannered, they will try to copy you. This will help them in developing good manners.

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