Are you ready for a second child? 5 signs you’re ready for another baby

By Pushpa Joshi|3 - 4 mins read| March 24, 2023|Read in हिन्दी

Having a child is no child’s play. First time parents are fully aware of the sleep deprivation, the agony in ecstasy that was caused during the first childbirth. But, comes the time when your first one is old enough to be a big brother or sister. Usually, parents keep an age difference of 2-3 years between two children. While some parents like to have two children, some are of the view of raising one child only. We go by peer and other parental pressures for having further children, barring a rational view into things and a fact-based perspective.

Are You Ready For a Second Baby

Parenting is never easy, but there are factors that contribute to it. Below are some valid checklists that you need to assess to know whether you are ready for a second child:

1. Finances

Moolah matters, and this fact can’t be ignored. You need to be at a suitable financial space of stability to come to a decision of a new baby. It is not just about being able to afford the birthing expenditure, doctor fees, visitation, etc. It is also about can you afford equitable financial planning for both the children? Do you have enough resources to plan for their future? Considering the steepness in the prices of childcare, daycare, school, college, tuitions, are you at a place to do that fair and just for 2 children?

2. How does your spouse feel about it?

You won’t have another child alone or raise him/her by yourself. The support and intention of your partner is as important as yours. So, sit together, consult, and determine if you are on the same page on having another baby? Does your partner think he/she is ready for it? Talk about how your better half feels about having another baby ticking off your checklist together.

3. Can you accommodate another baby?

Do you have the actual physical space to have another baby? In metropolitan cities, couples also reside in matchbox size apartment. Having another baby in a limited space can cost you your piece of mind. So do analyze if you have space and power to accommodate another baby? Having another baby in a constrained space can create panic, especially in your life as parents. A panic stricken, space-constrained home is not the best way you feel to live your lifelike. So please give real estate a real thought.

4. Are you physically ready?

Not everyone has a desired first pregnancy where all goes well. If all has not really gone well the first time, you must give a good thought about you and your partner’s health to decide on the same. Check with your doctor and state your intention of having another baby. Going through the entire paraphernalia of baby-making procedure can take a toll on one’s body. It is important to know if you are physically ready for it. Give it a thought, check with the experts. If anything, you need to be physically strong to sail through parenthood again.

5. Is your Child Ready?

If having another child does affect someone’s life directly, it’s your firstborn. See and dither whether they are ready to have a sibling? Sometimes, the kids have special needs and demand extra time, is your child at a space that they can work with divided attention? The growth, needs, behavior, and preparedness of your child matters as much as yours. While change is inevitable in the first born when you have another baby, its important to assess whether this really is the right time.

Sometimes we get carried away by a lack of the company of our children. Sometimes we want to take this step to save a marriage. There are factors that drive you to thinking that it’s the right time. Should your gut tell you consistently that its time for a second child, you must go ahead, and things will be settled just fine? Parenting will come naturally to you

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