Are You Ready for Child Adoption? Find Out

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| July 07, 2023

The decision to adopt a child may come after a long journey to try for a child. You need time to adjust to the fact that you are unable to conceive. It may also be the result of a couple’s wish to give a better life to a child. It may also be, in today’s emancipated world, a single parent who wants a child. In any scenario, the responsibility attached to the act is immense. You are to become parents in an instant. There are many things to look after in the physical, emotional and socio-economic aspects before making this life-changing decision.

Are you ready to adopt a child?

Whether you are planning a biological child or an adopted one, the financial consideration is the first one, as it is similar in both contexts. You need to be financially secure and able to give your child a stable home life and a good education. These are times when higher education costs are very high.

The next consideration is that you and your partner need to be in sync with each other about this decision. It is an emotional moment when you decide to adopt. It is not easy to adapt to a newborn baby. You get a chance from nature to spend nine months for a baby to come to fruition. Although adoption laws are stringent and take a lot of time to mature, the mental preparation is without a final outcome till the last minute.  

There are social repercussions too. It is not only you as parents who need to adopt the baby. It is a collective effort of choice from the entire extended family and friends. As required with your biological child, the first few months can be hectic and confusing. The child also needs to be fully accepted and loved by the entire family to make her secure and comfortable all through life.

The Adoption Checklist: Are You Ready?

Once the above-mentioned aspects are in place, and you feel ready to adopt, apply it to a government-approved agency for adoption. It may be an easier route to adopt from within the family as the waiting period will be smaller, but it could be an emotional hotchpotch later in life. If you have other children, whether biological or adopted, do emotionally prepare them for the process. It is very important that children accept the new baby as their sibling.

Make space for the child at home. A growing child needs a room and space to play and study. Make decisions about your employment status. If both spouses work, you need to make arrangements to look after the baby in your absence. These matters may sound trivial but are the reasons why most couples are found wanting by adoption agencies.

Adoption should be approached in a legally accepted manner. There is often a long wait at legal adoption centers. There are strict regulations about adoptive parent criterion too. Do a thorough study of the laws and adhere to all the necessary paperwork. This is very important to establish the adopted child as your legal heir. The child’s rights need to be protected at any cost. You have made a brave decision to help you change your family’s and a child’s life forever. Be responsible and sensible. Do it right!

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