Benefits Of Getting Touch Therapy For Your Kid

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

Body Messages, hugs, holding hands, and touching in specific ways with specific techniques are some examples of touch therapy. Studies have proven it beneficial for kids as it improves their mental well-being. Certain discomfort that kids feel, for example- if they have a headache, stress, muscle pain, or any other kind of discomfort,  you can help them by soothing them with touch therapy. It can help them heal and feel relaxed. 

Help The Kids To Grow 

According to studies, when a kid is hugged or touched in a nurturing way, the body releases oxytocin or love hormone. This hormone helps the kid to grow and thrive. When a kid is not hugged or nurtured with touch when they are babies, no matter how well of a nutritious diet you provide, they will grow slower. This process is called, “failure to thrive”. 

Tames tantrums 

As the kids start growing and developing likes and dislikes, you will notice that they might throw tantrums and anger fits. These habits are inborn but can be tamed with a big hug from their parents. Hugs help them to calm down, and develop a sense of self-regulation. 

The body has two mechanisms, one causes the stimulation of emotion, and the other helps in calming. Hugging and soothing touches help in triggering the claiming emotions. 

Help in coping with extreme emotion

When a kid is subjected to something that might affect them severely mentally, their nervous system is not developed enough to cope with the stress and toxic hormones. The release of stress hormones in kids might not only affect them mentally but also physically. The immune systems of their bodies are highly affected by stress and fatigue. 

These episodes of stress affect them later in life and are a reason for depression. Soothingly touching a kid helps in building resilience. If you hug your kid and make them believe you are there for them, they get the energy and power to fight against discomfort and cope with stress. 

Keeps your kids in a happy mood 

Self-worth, self-esteem, and a few positive attitudes that a kid develops during the initial years of their lives can predict their psychological and physical health. Thus, a parent must ensure to do everything that is in their hands to help their kids develop a positive attitude toward life. 

Holding, cuddling, and touching your kid releases oxytocin, and it helps to regulate a positive attitude toward life. 

Improved bonding 

When you have a habit of caressing and embarrassing your kid, you are making them believe that you have got their back. They will trust, and take refuge in you when they are in discomfort. Including hugging your kids everyday in your parenting habit will strengthen your and your kid’s bonding. A few hugs a day will keep your kid healthy and happy always. 

Similarly, a parent feels much more attached and responsible when a kid is hugging or touching them. So keep the hugs coming from both sides. The more, the merrier. 

Wrapping Up!

Overall, touch therapy has scientifically proven track records of acting as an effective way to boost a child’s emotional and mental growth, ability to cope with extremes of conditions, and improve bonding. Read the above guide to find everything about touch therapy that can prove helpful for your kids’ overall growth.

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