6 Best Group Games for Kids

By Suchita Arora|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Fun Games for Groups of Children Aged 5-8 That Won’t Stress You Out. It’s no easy task to handle a group of tiny tots full of energy all at once. There’s a lot of stress on the one looking after the bunch to make sure they’re safe and happy. If you’re not prepared, this can make things go from bad to worse. Fortunately, group activities for kids can be really fun and engaging for you, too. Here are some ideas on how to deal with groups of children using the six best group games for kids!

Musical Chairs

Children love music, running around, screaming and chasing each other. Playing musical chairs gives them the perfect opportunity to do all of those things without causing you worry. Place chairs for all but one of the kids and ask them to run around them for as long as the music plays. When they music stops, they have to find the nearest chair and sit on it. The last one standing gets eliminated along with one chair per round. In the end, you have a winner! This group game for kids is completely safe and great to play with large groups!

Dog and the Bone

This is an ideal group game for large groups of kids. Divide the children into two even groups. Keep one of them with you as a referee if there’s an odd number. Assign the same number to one kid from both teams till everyone has a number and an opponent. Send both teams to opposite sides of the room and place a knotted handkerchief in the middle. Draw a line underneath it and stand next to the handkerchief with your little referee if you have one. When you or the referee call out a random number, both players with that number should try to get the handkerchief before the other one. The one who gets it first gets 5 points, and the team with the most points wins the game!

Blind Man’s Buff

This is a classic group game played at parties, day care or even preschools around the world. It is basically catch-and-cook played with a twist. The kid who is supposed to catch the others is blindfolded! A high-energy game, this one allows you to do your work while the kids play.

Tail the Donkey

Another popular group game for kids involving a blindfold, this one is sure to set the kids off into peals of laughter. Pin or tape up a picture of a tail-less donkey on a soft board and tie a small rope to a pin; this is the donkey’s tail. Call on the children one at a time, blindfold them and hand them the ‘tail’. Make them turn around in circles a few times before trying to pin the tail onto the donkey. The results are hilarious and the kids are sure to thoroughly enjoy themselves!

Guess the Word

Call one of the kids forward at a time and whisper a simple word into their ears. They are allowed to say everything apart from that word to make the rest of them guess what that word is. While being a popular and funny group game for kids, this also helps strengthen children’s vocabulary!

Treasure Hunt

One of the best group games to keep large groups of kids busy for a long time, this is a classic party game for kids. Although it takes a fair bit of meticulous planning, creating a physical treasure hunt is super rewarding. Watching the kids excitedly buzzing about trying to make sense of the clues is worth the effort. What’s even better is the creativity they sometimes show! Easily an all-time favourite, this game can be great fun for you, too!

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