Brand New Out Of the World Baby Names

By Sneha Pillai|2 - 3 mins read| March 10, 2024

Did you recently welcome a little one in your house? We know you must be on the regular search for a name that’s out of this world. Every parent wants it to be the only and the best. A lot of feelings are attached when it comes to your little one’s name. Everyone in the family has one suggestion but you still want to go around searching for the one that’s truly out of the world. Considering you must be one of them and currently reading our blog, we prepared the 10 brand new out-of-the-world baby names list for you.

  1. Suri – This is a unique baby name and can be used for both a girl and a boy. The name refers to Lord Sun in Sanskrit. The name has so many other meaning in various other cultures and religions such as in Hebrew it means Princess. You must have heard this is also the name of Tom Cruise’s daughter.
  2. Rut – Yes, this is derived from the season. The name also means Truth and it’s a blend of beauty and divinity.
  3. Avi – It’s a Hebrew name that translates to My God, Father.
  4. Sarayu- This is also the name of one of the rivers in India. It emits a very holy vibe and this name also means air or wind. This name can be found in our ancient Vedas.
  5. Aadiv – This name generally means Delicate and in Hebrew, this word means Pleasant, so the parents can refer to any meaning for this beautiful name.
  6. Chaitya – This beautiful name has different meanings like temple, sanctuary or prayer hall. This word also has a different meaning in Buddhism where it is used to describe ‘the above.’
  7. Anukta – It’s one of the rarest names when it comes to Indian names though many names begin with the first word as ‘Anu’. This word refers to someone with an extraordinary personality. It can also be used to define something that’s not said or expressed.
  8. Sharya – This word has various meanings; it refers to Hindu Goddess Durga, Saraswati. This name also defines the armour of an elephant. This name has various other meanings such as someone who has the ability or power to hurt. This name is unisex so it can be used for both boys and girls.
  9. Arista – This has two different meaning in two different cultures. In Greek, it refers to superiority or someone with superior personality whereas in Sanskrit it means Secure and safe. This is also a unisex name best suited for the modern generation.
  10. Bodhi – This name is unique and rarely found. It directly translates to enlightenment. Since it’s a Buddist name and it closely refers to Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment under the tree.

These baby names are different sounding, rare and out-of-this-world. Most of the names mentioned above can be used for both the genders so, you can go for these brand new names for your baby.

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