Building Trust: A Parent’s Guide to Gaining Your Child’s Trust

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| October 11, 2023

According to research, a trustworthy parent-child relationship is an essential ingredient for healthy development. Furthermore, it’s the trust that lets your child feel secure, connected, and supported around parents. It’s simple- no relationship can nurture without trust. Moreover, if young ones feel secure, they tend to incline more toward sharing their ideas and opinions openly. And this is what a healthy parent-child relationship looks like. 

As parents, it’s often our responsibility to give love, guidance, and support to our kids needed for them to thrive. However, this belief cannot be inculcated automatically, but it rather develops and matures with time. For new parents, learning how to foster wholesome relationships and enduring emotional development in their kids can be overwhelming. From communicating openly and portraying mutual respect to creating an enduring environment, there are several ways by which you could gain your child’s trust. Read below to get our insights on building a sense of trust in your relationship with your child. 

Be Reliable and Consistent

Consistency is the key to developing trust. You can start with steps as small as maintaining your promises, confronting them emotionally and physically, ensuring that your kid’s essential wants are met, and giving little gifts. Eventually, your kids will feel more secure and strengthen their trust in this relationship. 

Listen and Acknowledge

Listening patiently to your toddlers without interrupting and acknowledging their feelings, thoughts, or fears without judging them will help them share their emotions without embarrassment. Let them know their emotions are important and show them empathy to ensure an environment where your young ones are heard and understood, thereby developing a sense of reliability. 

Respect Boundaries

Most parents fail to understand that it’s important to respect your kid’s boundaries. Hence, it becomes important that you recognize and respect their personal space, independence, and privacy. Kids sense extra comfort in trusting their moms and dads when they feel their boundaries are respected.

Be Honest and Transparent

Open and sincere conversations between parents and child is another effective way to develop trust. It becomes important to be patient with your kid, even when dealing with sensitive topics. Simultaneously, you must also learn to apologize and admit your mistakes if you’ve made any and speak to your child about how you could solve the situation. Incorporating honesty and transparency in the relationship will let you learn the significance of honesty in their lives.

Show Unconditional Love and Support

Giving unconditional love and guidance to your little ones plays a significant role in fostering a sense of trust in the relationship. Despite their behavior, communicating constantly and showering unconditional love to your kids will give them ample space to discover, make and learn from their mistakes. Most importantly, when kids feel cherished, they are encouraged to pursue their passions and dreams, thereby strengthening unwavering faith in their parents. 

Respect You Child’s Decisions and Opinions 

Respecting your child’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and decisions is an important aspect of building trust. Let them talk openly and encourage active participation in discussions on topics according to their developmental age. This will make them feel you truly acknowledge and respect their abilities and opinions. 

Establish Self-discipline

Another indispensable aspect of building trust is ensuring consistent and honest self-discipline. Setting clear expectations without being too harsh will let the young ones understand their boundaries. 


Trust cannot be built in a single day. Rather, it needs patience, time, and effort to create a trustworthy environment where your kids can feel comfortable and secure around you. This comprehensive guide offers a few suggestions on how mothers and fathers can preserve a trusting relationship with their kids.

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