Child Care During Monsoon – Baby Care Tips for This Rainy Season Every Mother Should Follow

By Sneha Pillai|3 - 4 mins read| March 22, 2023

Don’t Let Monsoon Ruin Your Little One’s Happiness, Follow These Simple Rules. The rainy season is one many parents dread in the first few years of their children’s lives. The wet and gloomy weather brings out sub-terrestrial creepy crawlies and creates breeding grounds for all kinds of air-borne pests. Diseases spread like wildfire, bringing us to the most important part of preparing for the monsoon: child care. Here are a few simple hygiene rules to follow that will keep your child safe during the monsoon.

Child Care during Monsoon / Rainy season

5 Baby Care Tips during this rainy season.

Immunity Boosting

The first and most important thing to start working on is building your child’s immunity. Children with strong immune systems are far less likely to catch on to any viral diseases going around. There are over the counter medications available to help boost children’s natural immunity, but other options exist.

Include a healthy portion of citrus fruits in your children’s daily diet since a month before the monsoons. This will help increase their Vitamin C intake, thereby strengthening their natural immune systems. All kinds of vitamins are great, in fact, so adjust their diets accordingly.

Indoor Temperature Control

Rainy Season / Monsoon child care is made toughest by the unrelenting cold outdoors. People don’t often fall ill due to the cold, it only makes our bodies burn extra fat to stay warm. In the process, the body is too focused on trying to stay warm to notice and fight off incoming infections. This is especially true for kids, whose bodies are already too fragile on their own.

Make arrangements inside your house to create and retain warmth. From creating fireplaces to simply buying a room heater, there are many methods to do this. Keep at least one room in your house insulated from the cold and wet weather so anyone who feels cold can find warmth there.

Home-Cooked Food Time!

A very important part of child care during rainy season / monsoon is to avoid ordering food in and going out for dinner for this season, even with family. No matter how good a restaurant is, it cannot completely guarantee that its dishes will be 100% safe in the rainy season. In comparison, your kitchen is a much safer space where you know and control what goes on your children’s plates. So, sticking to home-made food is your best bet.

No Rain Dancing

This can be almost heartbreaking to enforce but it’s a serious and necessary monsoon child care rule. Devise a system of rewards for your kid/kids, based on how wet or dry their clothing is after each trip outside. Associate some privileges with not getting wet in the rain, and simultaneously, punishments for doing so. You may find that your kids will automatically prefer to do what you want them to do in this regard.

Medical Preparedness

Irrespective of how well you’ve prepared for the monsoons, you and your kids are both still quite susceptible to viral infections. Chances are that someone in the house will catch some bug or the other through this season. The best monsoon child care tip, therefore, is to keep a medical first-aid kit ready to help contain any potential viral infections within the family.

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