Top 10 DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

By Suchita Arora|4 - 5 mins read| March 24, 2023

How To Create Easy Home-Made Decorations For Baby Showers. Baby showers are parties full of cheer and excitement meant to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. Usually thrown by close friends for a mom-to-be, baby showers can be intimate affairs or huge family occasions, however you like. The party ideas will need to change as per the event, but they can all incorporate these cute baby shower decorative ideas. Also read 5 Fun Baby Shower Ideas For First-Time Moms.

DIY Homemade Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Here are ten cost-effective baby shower decorations you can easily make at home!

1. Showering Umbrella

Since it’s a baby “shower”, you might as well make the mom-to-be sit under a decorative umbrella! Use decorative strings and blue chart paper to make lines of raindrops and stick them on to the umbrella. This umbrella can then be suspended over the mom-to-be’s designated seat!

2. Decorative Paper Lanterns

Lanterns add a beautiful softness to the ambience. They also help diffuse the glow and amplify the light, allowing you to use less electric lights. What’s more, these adorable lanterns can also help add an unusual shade to the light by using coloured paper as per your chosen baby shower theme.

3. Decorated Balloons

Balloons are a given for any kind of decorations, no matter what the occasion may be. Try and find a way to make them unique to your baby shower décor. You can paint the filled up balloons with light, soft shades of watercolours. Further, you can adorn the strings of the balloons with origami leaves and flowers, too.

4. Baby Bottles For Drinks

It will be a great twist to add an unconventional touch to the baby shower decorations at the party you’re throwing. Instead of standard glass or plastic glasses, use baby drinking bottles to serve the guests their beverages. Snip off a bit of the part of its top to make space for a straw, and you’re good to go!

5. Baby Clothes Decoration Station

Every guest will find immense joy in making meaningful contributions to the mother-to-be’s journey into motherhood. One of the ways to help them feel that involved is to set up a baby clothes decoration station at the party. Let the guests unleash their creativity by beautifying little clothes for the baby.

6. Wish And Advice Board

The one thing pregnant women keep getting in ample amounts is a whole load of advice. Make this day more meaningful and less stress-inducing for the mom-to-be by installing a wish and advice board. Invite guests to leave messages for the mom or the baby. This will leave the mom-to-be with warm, fuzzy memories of the occasion and lots of help to fall back on when needed.

7. Balloon Butterflies

This piece of baby shower decoration can get a little tricky to handle. It involves creating paper- and card-paper butterflies and sticking them on to the balloons. This is tricky because not all adhesives can stick paper to balloons without bursting them, and cello-tape can look a little clumsy. Check out more balloon-based baby shower decoration ideas here!

8. Guess the Guest!

This is one of my favourite baby shower games of all time. It requires a fair amount of advance preparation but is absolutely worth the work! Put together a compilation of baby pictures of every guest expected to be at the party. Watch the fun as guests try to figure out which picture is whose!

9. Tassel Garland

Just one of many ideas for baby shower décor, a tassel garland can add a tropical yet ethereal touch to the whole affair. Make horizontal cuts almost all the way through on a long vertical strip of cellophane wrap. Roll up the strip from the uncut end and stick it so it doesn’t unfurl. String together multiple such tassels to make garlands that you can adorn the mother-to-be with.

10. Baby Socks Roses

Last but possibly the cutest piece of home-made baby shower decorations is the baby socks bouquet. Fold and tie an assortment of coloured baby socks to make them look like roses, then attach “stems” of wire and crepe paper to them. Voilà! Your baby socks roses are ready!

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