Encouraging Good Reading Habits In Children

By Kiran|2 - 3 mins read| March 24, 2023

Find Out How To Help Your Children Develop And Maintain A Reading Habit. Reading is known to have a vast number of good effects on children and adults alike. Well-read people are sought after because they tend to be better informed than most. They’re easy to identify in a crowd because they stand out. They tend to have a better command over language and are more articulate than the average person. If you want your child to become this kind of a person, make it a point to help them develop good reading habits. Here are a few things you can do to build reading habit in your kids.

5 Ways to build Reading Habit

1. Read Along

From the time that your kids begin to learn the alphabet at school, start sitting down to read with them. Especially for working parents, it will make a great impression on children if you dedicate half an hour every day to read with them. You can take turns reading out alternate lines or paragraphs depending on your child’s age.

2. Involved Reading

Whenever it is reading time, ensure that you’re not simply reading to your child, they should be reading as well. Even when they’re very young and unable to read, show them the exact words you’re reading. This will help to get your child’s mind accustomed to the idea of following printed letters visually. If this becomes a habit, they will have no trouble developing a reading hobby.

3. Create A Reading Area

It is ideal to allot specific places in the house for each of the things your child does. Just like bathrooms are for bathing and dinner tables are for eating, there should be a space meant for reading. The presence of a physical space made specially for this purpose will make reading a tangible part of your child’s life. Moreover, it sets the perfect atmosphere for encouraging good reading habits.

4. Appropriate Reading Material

Good reading habits are tough to cultivate in children because being physically still doesn’t come naturally to them. Reading time will only be effective if it manages to make them forget that they’re sitting still. The best way to do this is to bring them the kinds of books they’re interested in. Avoid the generic children’s books if they don’t capture your child’s imagination.

5. Avoid Incentives

It is completely counterintuitive to keep from giving your child rewards for doing something you want them to. However, developing good reading habits should be something they do for themselves. If you give them incentives for reading books, it will be like they’re doing it for you instead.

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