Fun Things to do with your Kids this Summer | 8 Fun Summer Ideas with kids

By Priyanka A|5 - 6 mins read| April 09, 2024

Summers! It’s the most memorable and cherished memories of your childhood. It’s that time of the year when you get to spend time with your kids after the busy and hectic schedule of school that made it impossible earlier. It is the most relaxing time to spend with your child when you get a chance to be their teacher, friend, parent all together. You get a chance to develop a bond with them. But now, with technology taking over our lives, children end up spending more time glued to television or play station. The screen time replaces the school time. And when this happens, your child misses out on some amazing time spent with you. He misses out on his future summer memories. Read to know about fun things to do with your kids this summer. The article contains indoor and outdoor fun ideas for Kids and Parents to do together during this summer.

Don’t let your child miss out some really cool summer memories with you. Make them spend more time with you. Have fun with them. Develop a bond with them. Being a parent you get a chance to relive those memories with your child. So make this summer full of fun and enjoyable activities with your child. You can also explore Summer Activities Ideas for your Kids or read to know about different activities you can do with your kids this summer.

Read this article on how to make summer filled with fun activities with your child. Know about 8 Fun Things to do with your Kids this Summer

8 Fun Things to do with your Kids this Summer


What can be more fun than travelling? Travel to the nearest beach and enjoy the serene beauty with your family. Make sandcastles with your child. Play with your kids in the beach. Drink healthy juices while you are at it. Or visit some place with historical importance. Let your kid gawk at the beauty of such places. Acquaint your child with fun facts. Answer their questions. Make it one of the most memorable and knowledgeable trip for your child.

Cook with them

Cooking together with your kid can be rewarding for your child. Get your child’s hands and brain busy this summer. Cook their favourite food with them. Share your first time cooking experience. Develop a bond with them along the way. Teach them your cooking secrets. Get messy with your kids. The end product may not be what you to wished for, but you are creating memories sideways. So what are you waiting for? Grab their favourite recipe and get started.

House party

Memories with friends are always cherished. Specially the night outs at your best friends place. Friends are family you choose. So help your child create some of these memories for themselves. Invite your child’s friends for a night at your house. Plan a games night for the children. Make them their favourite snacks. Let them make some memories together.

Make crafts with recyclable items

Youth are the future of India but we are the present of our country. This makes it our responsibility to raise our kids to become a responsible citizen. Keeping our mother land green will be an impossible dream if the youth fail to understand the importance of green products. Teach them while making crafts. Use crafts as a medium to teach them as well as to have fun with them. Use recyclable item!

Fly a kite, play with clay

Give wings to their creativity. Let them play with clay for a day. See how they use their big imaginations turn into reality. Let them be as creative as they want to be. Let this be a medium to understand your kid a little better.Fly kites with them in the evening. Teach them how to fly a kite. Use YouTube and other mediums in Internet to learn with them. Try and make a kite of your own. Try to fly them. Laugh at your failed attempts. Make memories!


Do yoga with your kids. Yoga has enormous benefits for children. They make them more flexible and help them develop body awareness. Doing yoga with your kid can be fun, looking at your kid trying to make body balance while breathing in and out. So why not merge fitness and fun together this summer? Why not gift your child healthy life along with some memories?

Play dress up, role play

Remember those childhood memories where you role played with your siblings as all grown up, living the life? How we wished to grow up and be an adult, start an independent life! This summer do role play with your child. Interchange roles. Let your child be your parent and you be their kid. See your child all grown up. Revisit your childhood, only this time wishing to be a kid!


Gardening is a really fun and a healthy activity at the same time for children. They learn a bunch of new things and have a practical learning experience. Biology and science will never be so interesting for them as the time spend gardening. Teach gardening to your kids. Teach them the importance of each step. Educate them along the way.

It’s time for you to build some memories with your child! Have a great summer with your kid!

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