Here’s how you can make your baby shower adorable

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| October 27, 2023

Hey there, are you getting ready to welcome the brand-new addition to your family? Hell yeah! From the day you saw the tiny pink like till today when you are preparing for the baby shower, it’s been a journey. And there is a long way to go. To celebrate where you are today, make your baby shower memorable. This blog will walk you through tips and tricks to make your baby shower a great one within budget. Start tip-toeing to know more. 

Prioritize your guest list

When preparing the guest list, do not put everyone you know in it. Invite the people who matter. A baby shower is a special occasion, so you might want to focus on the quality of people rather than the quantity of people. Doing this will make your bond stronger with your special people and also save you some bucks. 

Set a time boundary 

Being pregnant is not easy. You will feel exhausted often. And hosting a baby shower for more than three hours can exhaust you to the edge. While inviting your folks to the baby shower, ensure that you also let them know the time limit. 

Pick a location 

If you have a backyard, your problem is half solved. Often people go overboard with the venue. Do not choose an expensive community hall or extravagant place. These places often cost a lot and are enough to dig a hole in your pocket. Make it a cozy and comfortable party by hosting it in your back or front yard. You can find numerous decorative ideas on Pinterest. Decorating your place with your friend and family for the baby shower will be a wonderful experience. 

Serve less alcohol 

After the third drink, people get carried away with the fun forgetting that they are with a pregnant family. Putting restrictions on the drink will not only save you huge bucks but also will keep people around you sane. 

Try to make homemade food 

If you are a pro at cooking or anyone in your tribe is, ask for help. You can batch-prepare food beforehand so you do not have to spend a fortune ordering food. Homemade food is always a healthy and tasty option. Being pregnant, you can also munch on this food. 

Use eco-friendly decoratives 

Instead of balloons and other plastic decorations, you can use whatever is available around you. Wildflowers, cloth ribbons, and simple DIYs will make your baby shower the kind of party that people will keep talking about for years. 

Do not have the party at the mealtime

Hosting a party at a meal like, for example, lunch and dinner mean that you will have to serve a wholesome portion of the meal. Instead, start the party at 10 a.m or 2 p.m. This will allow you to serve finger food without having to fret for full-course meals. 

Bake your own cake 

Bakers nowadays charge a truckload of money for cakes. Instead of relying on them for a cake, you can bake yourself a cake. Baking cake is an easy job, and doing it with your partner will give you time to rekindle. Do not go over the board. Keep it simple and minimalist. 

Wrapping Up!

With hundreds of ideas to make your baby shower special, we have handpicked some of the most helpful tips that can really make the occasion special. Read the above guide and find out yourself.

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