Hints that your toddler is having concentration issues

By Pushpa Joshi|3 - 4 mins read| March 22, 2023

When your child has just started going to school or just entered into a new schooling environment, their lack of seriousness towards studies is understandable. We often pass it off as ‘the child is adjusting to a new environment,’ ‘we will cross the bridge when we come to it,’ ‘he/she needs to study all his/her life after this, let it be.’ However, an evident display of non-seriousness towards education can be a concentration problem.

Do you think it is hard for your toddler to concentrate? It is not easy to make such assumptions when your child is so young, but it is very important for his educational foundation. Below are some hints that your toddler is having concentration issues:

1. Easily Distracted

If your child is distracted very easily by almost everything, it’s a sign that he/she needs to work on the concentration path. Why everything else is a distraction but studying, coloring, writing, and school curriculum is not? You need to assess their behavior and their vulnerability of succumbing to distractions. If distractions are not around but invented by the child only, there is a concentration problem you would want to address.

2. Fidgety

If your child is playing with the pencil, the eraser, the ruler, the sharpener, the table, the pages, the borders, he/she is just too fidgety to understand. Other subtle hints can be excessively shaking of the legs, the feet, the stationery, etc. This means that there is too much energy being let out in other resources.

3. Losing things

If they are not concentrating or remembering, they are likely to loose it. Do you see yourself saying, “You just had the pencil in your hand, where did it go?, “Did you lose it again?” “I just told you,” If yes, then it means that your child is not paying as much attention to things as you want them to. The attention is not being given to what you say, what you give or what you teach. All this boils down to a lack of concentration.

4. Not Following Instructions

Lack of concentration also results in ignoring instructions. They might not even be listening to the very instruction, let alone following it. Not following instructions is actually a big problem. Initially, not listening and following will not seem so threatening. But later, it turns out to not disobeying and disrespecting. So, address the matter while you can.

5. Trouble with Studying

If your child is having trouble in studying, reading, writing, etc., more than often, there can be a lack of concentration to blame for all of this. The class and teachers move at their pace. When the majority of the class has understood, they move on. So, with a lack of concentration or divided attention, by the time your child will actually start paying attention, the class will move on.

So, this lags them behind, and they soon become the slow starters. All this only indicates in not using their potential in things that matter. As they don’t concentrate initially, they lag behind.

6. Aggression

If you still have tried to force your child into concentrating into their studies and he/she has displayed aggression, it again indicates towards lack of concentration. Not concentrating soon becomes a habit which children love. You can’t force your child to read or write something that they don’t want to. They will use their key cards like showing moodiness, aggression, and even irritability.

It might have started as you forcing the child but soon turns into anger, frustration, yelling, crying, and well, the issue remains still.


It is important to recognize your child’s habit and conduct as a toddler itself. The more concentration they are likely to give in their initial years, the better their study temperament will be. Ignorance of this concentration problem will impact their behavior, studies, and also friendships. Of course, children do have a sense of notoriety in them, but you need to judge the extent of their carelessness. When they don’t pay attention, they do not understand. When they do pay attention, they will understand, recall, remember, and not lose things. So, as a parent, recognize and address this issue till it’s too late.

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