Home Remedies to Protect your Child from Cold and Flu – Natural Cold & Cough Remedies

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Home-made remedies to prevent your child suffering from cold and flu. Read to know how to Fight your child’ cold from home naturally.

A person on an average is known to get cold more than 50 times in his/her lifetime. Children on the other hand catches cold and flu easily compared to adults. Cold and flu are likely to get your child no matter how well you take care of your child’s hygiene. It is almost inevitable. It is one of the most common infections of nose and throat that affects lakhs of children every year.

So if it’s as inevitable as we say it is how to protect children suffering from cold and flu? We obviously can’t just give up and let children suffer till with course of time they get well on their own with. So should we rely on the high brand Allopathic medicines every time our kids suffer from cold? Or should be go for Aryuvedic medicines? Or homemade remedies? Home made remedies any day win the race.

With the amount of side effects medicines today have, it is safer to go for home made medicines than the medicines available in stores. Another reason being children are likely to suffer from cold and flu more often than adults in a year, exposing them to synthetic drugs in early stages on life should be avoided whenever it can be.

So, Read this article to know some excellent homemade remedies to cure your child suffering from common cold and flu.

1. Drink hot soup

If you are a non vegetarian, chicken soup would be the best thing for your child during this time. Soups filled with vegetables are likely to give your child energy to fight off the infection as well as the hotness of the soup will provide your child some ease and soothing effect in his body. Drinking soup can clear the congestion in throat and can be very helpful in soothing a sore throat.

2. Ginger

Ginger is widely known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Few slices of raw ginger in boiling water can help a sore throat. Due to its extraordinary properties it also helps in recovering from nausea and helps in fighting off bacterial infections. Make your child drink tea with ginger to help in get better.

3. Gargle with hot salt water

Help your child ease some pain by give him a glass of hot water after adding some salt to it. Teach your child to gargle warm water and wait for him to feel better in a few minutes. It is one of the most common as well as effective way to fight cold and cough practised by almost every Indian family. So try this with your child and see the results yourself.

4. Steam baths

One of the common symptoms of cold and flu is congestion with blocked nose and sore throats. Steam baths can help your child release from congestion. It helps in killing off viruses’ sensitive of heat and helps in breathing. This will mitigate the sore throat and relieve your child from the uneasiness for a while.

5. Eat healthy (Infection fighting foods)

In order to fight off the infection, the viruses have to be fought off. Your child will require energy to be able to keep fighting these germs. Feed your child with food rich in Vitamin C. Honey tea can be served to your kid to energize their body. So make your child eat lots of fruits and vegetable. Make him drink lots of water and see him recover quickly.

6. Eat Amla

Amla is a strong immunomodulator, amla naturally fights against many diseases. You can child can eat one amla regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the liver. It also helps in improving blood circulation.

7. Get rest.

Put your Child to Rest. Rest helps the body focus its energy on getting well, so keep kids home from school to keep them warm, and well-rested.

8. Drink lots of fluids.

Replenish liquids lost from fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Fluids also help loosen mucus.

When colds, cough, fever, or flu strike your child, You can soothe symptoms with these simple home remedies/treatments.

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