Homework Help: Strategies for Stress-Free Learning at Home

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|4 - 5 mins read| January 05, 2024


Do you know that more than 56 percent of students feel overly stressed due to school assignments? In fact, excessive homework can result in lower motivation levels. Thus, school homework is challenging for both parents and kids.

However, according to the study, kids with parents who actively take an interest in their homework showed better academic performance in school. It does not mean you have to give your entire day to helping your kid complete their homework. Rather, you could lend a helping hand to him by offering suggestions to solve a question, setting up a homework routine, or motivating them constantly.

Read below this article to explore some of the best homework tips to make it less stressful and build a favorable learning environment.

9 Effective Homework Tips for Stress-Free Learning

Here are some of the most helpful homework tips to assist in stress-free learning at home.

Set up a Homework routine.

Every kid has a different time when they are most productive. For example, some kids might study best during the afternoon, while others study at night. Therefore, it is important to help your child set up a homework routine where he finds himself focused as per your kid’s study habit. Avoid setting up the schedule right after your child comes back from school or tuition to give him some time to relax.

Create an organized workspace.

Having a quiet, organized, and appealing workspace is another essential aspect of maintaining your kid’s focus during study. Do you know this little step can greatly improve concentration? Just keep the necessary supplies, such as paper, pens, notebooks, scissors, etc., handy on the study table.

Guide them in Making a Plan

There are days when your child receives too many assignments to be completed. The best way is to guide your child in setting up a plan and dividing the work. Make sure there’s at least a 10- to 15-minute short break where he can munch on some snacks and relax after completing each task.

Keep away from distractions.

Distractions near the study table are a strict no. Make sure your kid doesn’t have access to mobile phones, TV, or music during his study schedule. Once they’ve completed their homework, you might allow them to do their favorite activity.

Give them appreciation.

Every kid likes when they are praised for their efforts and hard work. While there may be days when assignments can be completed really quickly, others may require a little more effort. In such cases, children seek encouragement, and what’s better than getting appreciation from parents and teachers?

Give Just The Guidance

There might be occasions when your kid might find it challenging to complete the work. In such cases, parents often cannot resist their urge to help their child complete the assignments. However, you must understand that learning must be done by the child. Instead, give them the guidance and necessary suggestions to find the solution.

Take little breaks.

Little breaks help a lot in maintaining focus and consistency when completing school assignments. Take a 10-15-minute break after every hour of study. Set aside time for your kid to relax or enjoy. Encourage them to do any extracurricular activity, as it will help relieve them of unnecessary stress.

Connect with the teachers.

It is important to meet with your child’s school teachers and speak to them about your child’s progress, homework, and how you could help your child with stress-free learning at home. This connection will turn out to be a positive factor in your kid’s growth.

Eat Healthy

Last but not least, eating healthy snacks during the study session helps relieve any kind of stress. Keep some snacks and a refreshing drink ready for your child during his breaks to keep him relaxed throughout the homework schedule.


Building a positive and stress-free learning environment at home starts with you. With little effort and guidance, you can help your child understand the importance of what they are doing. This way, they will not only enjoy learning, but it will also help improve their academic performance. With some simple homework tips, you could help your kid overcome the challenges during their study sessions.

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